Gregg Williams Audio-Not Good, Should Be Banned for Life

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This cannot happen, and they need to just go ahead and ban Gregg Williams for life.

I’m not naive about the game, there is nothing wrong about going after players hard. If a defensive coordinator is not telling his guys to hit someone, he is not doing his job.

However, there is a difference between say, running draws toward a linebacker that is coming off a leg injury, and trying to hit a guy in the head that has had concussions. You could possibly kill someone doing that. Unacceptable.

He talked about “kill the head, and the body will die”, when referring to going after Frank Gore. Playing hard to make sure a player is not a factor, that’s one thing. Going after a guy’s head to kill him, is totally another, and implying there is money involved is ridiculous.

People are using the excuse, “it happens all the time”. That doesn’t fly, period. It’s like saying we don’t want to stamp out drug use in our high schools, because everyone is doing it. It’s not acceptable. Neither is this.

Maybe this will be an example to other teams that are doing it to stop. The Saints were the unlucky ones that got caught.

Make an example of Gregg Williams with no reinstatement. Ban him for life. Period.

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