Jets Owner Woody Johnson: Is He the New George?

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Not even talking about the locker room, let’s call it situation, that has been created. That has been discussed at length. Let’s talk about the latest move, to continue the Jets three ring circus. You have a fragile quarterback, that doesn’t like criticism. So what do they do? Bring in the backup quarterback that has a wilder following than the Beatles! Mark Sanchez will now hear criticism every day. Every day. The fans will chant for his backup if he falters, and the media will have questions every day.

The only reason this was done was so Woody Johnson and the Jets could take over the backpages. Again, when their co-habitants won the Super Bowl.

Woody Johnson loves the headlines. He loves hearing himself talk, he loves seeing himself on the backpages. He likes making a splash. George Steinbrenner did too. The difference is George backed it up.

Woody has not. The Jets have won nothing. Woody Johnson had better back it up soon, because it’s beginning to get old.

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