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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Reveals He Has No Clue

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According to Tom Shaw, Holmes’ personal coach, Santonio likes Mark, but with a caveat.

“He wants Sanchez to be successful,” Shaw said. “He’s never told me that this guy sucks. The one thing about Sanchez is that he doesn’t want to make mistakes. And that’s what Santonio says. Ben Roethlisberger would just let the ball go. He doesn’t care if (Holmes) is triple covered. If Ben thought Santonio could make a play for him, he’s shooting it in there. The more experience Sanchez gets, the more chances he’ll take. Then you’ll start seeing more balls to Santonio.”

Ok, Woody, so he likes Mark Sanchez, and wants him to be successful. But by success, that means throwing the ball more to him.

Obviously, Santonio Holmes supports one person. Santonio Holmes.

He doesn’t support his quarterback, he supports his statistics. The fact that Woody Johnson thinks that he does, clearly shows that he absolutely has no clue.

Woody has no clue, period. And it’s getting tired.

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