Curtis Martin: "Tebow will be Good for Mark"

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Curtis Martin is actually a very spiritual guy as well, so he can appreciate “Tebowing”

“I’m a spiritual guy and I always appreciate guys like that,” he said. “He’s a young guy, he stays humble and he’s not afraid to pray. Some guys are known for touchdown dances; Tebow is known for praying on one knee. He has a prayer named after him. To me, that’s a good thing.”

These are two guys that are a lot alike, not in production yet of course, but in work ethic and faith. No doubt that Tim Tebow will work hard, and his faith is an asset. Curtis things this will push Mark to be better, and I agree that this might be the result. All evidence, so far in Mark’s young career, however, shows that he crawls into himself, and that would make Curtis dead wrong on this.

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