Tannenbaum-Ryan season ending Jets News Conference

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Below is the Transcript , courtesy of the New York Jets, of general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s and head coach Rex Ryan’s joint news conference with Jets reporters Monday afternoon at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center:

MIKE TANNENBAUM: Sorry we’re late. I appreciate everyone coming. First of all I want to thank all our players and coaches for their commitment for this year. Obviously, we fell short of our goal and that’s a disappointment to all of us. I just want to publically thank everybody for their effort over the course of the past season. We are going to start the evaluation part of the offseason, Rex, Woody [Johnson] and myself, and evaluate all of our players, all of our coaches and then go from there.

In terms of any specifics, we do expect Brian Schottenheimer back. We have been with him now for six years and I really respect the job he’s done, in terms of working with three different quarterbacks, two championship games, and he’s done a really creditable job for us. I can confirm, I’ve been asked already, I can confirm that he is being interviewed by the Jaguars for their head-coaching position.

REX RYAN: First off, for me, I mention it all the time. It’s an honor and a privilege to be the head coach here with the Jets. It’s not something I take lightly by any stretch. When you don’t succeed the way we expect it to succeed this year, it’s extremely painful. That’s just it. I’ll say this: I hope Brian the best as he goes for the interview in Jacksonville. I mentioned last week, I think it’s a 50/50 deal whether Brian is back here or not because I think he’ll be a head coach. He’s got everything it takes to be a successful head coach in this league. I think it starts with pedigree, but more importantly, here is a guy that’s been successful. He knows how to develop players, and we have gone to back-to-back AFC Championship Games. A lot of that is due to his work ethic, which I think is tremendous. So with that, I guess we’ll just open it up for questions.

On if they had any doubts about bringing Schottenheimer back at the end of the season…

RYAN: No, I think when you look at it, we talked about ‑‑ we signed Brian to a contract extension. Both of us felt great about that. And you know, we have the opportunity to work with Brian every day during the week. We know the kind of work ethic he has. He’s smart, he’s a football guy, and I think that’s the big thing about Brian. We know he’s an outstanding football coach.

On bringing back Santonio Holmes for next season…

RYAN: I think first off, to dismiss some of the good things that Santonio has done for the two years he’s been here — he’s been a tremendous player for us. He’s won a ton of games for this franchise. And he’s been a good teammate. Some of the things, helping Joe McKnight out, a guy that’s standing beside me [encouraging] the defense on the sideline, cheering for the defense; all of those type of things, there’s a lot to him. There’s a lot of positive things about Santonio. Are there some things that we need to get corrected? Absolutely. And it’s not just with him, but others as well; myself. I’m the first one that looks at we have to change some things and we will change. Those are things we will look at in the offseason, and we will find a way to get this done but I believe Santonio will be back next year.

On if there is a disconnect between Ryan and the offense because he was unaware Santonio Holmes was out of the game…

RYAN: Maybe that’s a fact. I’ll say this: When you look at the specifics of what went on yesterday, we have a turnover, we are making calls on defense, making timeouts and all that. So it was a three-play possession, and then a field goal, and then as the drive was going on, I’m like, where is Santonio? By then, I’m sure even if somebody had told me or was trying to get my attention on what took place or whatever, I might not even have heard it. My mind was somewhere else. My mind was, we have to get a timeout to give our offense a chance to get on the field and do something. It wasn’t until later in the drive that I realized he wasn’t out there.

And you know, I thought, to be honest with you, that Santonio pulled himself and that’s why I wanted to gain all of the facts. I never commented directly after the game and I was very honest in what I told you then. After hearing the facts, and seeing what happened, what took place, I thought that Brian did the right thing. You can’t have that kind of situation happen. I certainly understand that you have got to correct it, and I think we did.

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