Rex Ryan's Friday News Conference

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Here is a transcript of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s Friday news conference, courtesy of the team:

Logan Payne, he’s still out. Robert Turner’s still out. Nick Mangold did not practice, he’s out. Everybody else is going to play. Questionable, though, is Muhammad Wilkerson with a shoulder. He is questionable. He was limited today.

Everybody else is probable and will play. Mike DeVito, with a shoulder, [Marcus] Dixon, knee, David Harris, toe, Santonio Holmes, quad, Jim Leonhard, hamstring, Derrick Mason, knee, Mark Sanchez, right elbow, and Eric Smith, ankle. The only guys that practiced full out of that group were Marcus Dixon, Derrick Mason and Sanchez. The rest of them were limited,. The other guys were limited today, but they’re all going to play.

On Mangold not playing against Oakland…

He’s just not ready. That’s as simple as that. He’s doing really well, but a high ankle sprain going against these guys, traveling across country, it’s not in his best interests. We thought this earlier in the week, at least I did. When you play 82 straight games, you’re going to do whatever you can to try and keep that going. He doesn’t know any different. I appreciate his toughness and his courage and everything else, but at the end of the day, we’ve got to do what’s right for him and for the Jets. He doesn’t need to make this trip this week.

On if Mangold would have played if they were facing New England or Baltimore…

No, it’s Oakland, and we’re not doing it. It doesn’t matter who it is. It’s the National Football League.

On if Mangold would have played if the team didn’t have a cross-country flight…

I don’t think so. He’s not going. The fact that we are traveling that far, I don’t think that’s good, the swelling and everything else.

On whether Mangold has progressed enough to play next week…

Yeah, I hope so. I think so. We’ll see. I believe he’s doing really well. I think that’s a possibility.

On Colin Baxter

His thing, about just stay the course, is right. We’re trying to maintain a level, and unfortunately for Colin, it’s a level of, he’s the best center in the league. We’re going to try to reach it and I know he’s working hard. I’m happy with the way he’s picked up everything mentally, and I think physically, it’s going to be a big challenge to him. They’ve got a three-man rotation. They’re defensive tackles. They’re some big dudes in there, and one of them is Richard Seymour, so that’s going to be a challenge for anybody.

On Richard Seymour as a defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme…

Outstanding. I remember when he came out of college. It was interesting. They had, I think it was [Marcus] Stroud also, that was on that Georgia team. The funny thing is, [the team was] horrendous, yet these two guys were monsters. They played him right over top of center a lot of times. He was something else. I can see him doing that this week, trying to put him over our center. He’s a special player. It doesn’t matter where you play him. He can play inside, outside. Great athlete. He’s just a heck of a football player.

On how Seymour is used differently in a 4-3 defense…

[He is] a more penetrating style of player. I think when you’re a 3-4 [defensive] end, a lot of times, you’re flat-footed initially when you’re knocking guys back and you’re two-gapping and things like that, which is basically a run defender first, then rush the passer. I think now he is more of a pass defender first than he is a run defender. He’ll come off the ball more and be more disruptive in a 4-3 defense.

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