Rex Ryan’s Wednesday News Conference

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On if he thinks quarterbacks have to develop quicker now than they did a while back…

I think the further in years you go back, there weren’t as many teams. I don’t think Tom Matte got on the field for the Baltimore Colts for five years, so you don’t have that luxury anymore. As far as the game developing, even the quarterback specifically, I think the way the colleges are playing now, these guys are used to throwing 50 balls a game. It’s a little different than it used to be.

On if he thinks the offense will get more chances on the outside with receivers since Oakland plays a lot of man-to-man coverage…

I think so. I think when you look at them, that’s their bread and butter. When you think Oakland Raiders, you’re thinking about Willie Brown out there. You’re thinking about Mike Haynes and Lester Hayes and all those guys. It’s a man-cover team, with that safety deep in the post. That’s who the Oakland Raiders have been throughout the years. You’re seeing a little more split-safety out of them, but that’s not an Al Davis team. An Al Davis team has that safety in the post, but I expect more opportunities on the outside this week.

On if he thinks this will be a good time to get the running game started…

I hope we can run. Like I said, I want to see us improve each week on our running game. Again, we’re playing a different opponent. They may look at us differently than they look at other teams if you try to force an issue, one way or the other. You have to be able to adjust to what you’re seeing. I feel good about us this week being able to run the football, but certainly, it’s going to be a challenge. They have two, actually, three huge defensive tackles.

On why he thinks teams have been able to run against Oakland’s defense…

When you’re on your heels playing a lot of pass, sometimes you don’t force the run as much. I think in the Bills case, they had a lot of what we call sub runs that they were able to hit, spread it out and were able to hit guys. Again, each game is different. You’re never going to play two games similar or whatever, but again, hey, we hope we have success running the football like Buffalo had. We’ll see.

On if he is worried about the offensive line’s ability to protect Sanchez…

No, I could have protected him on that one. We’re all talking about that one because he took a hit against a three-man rush. That happened. We can’t take that back, but everybody gets hit in this league. This league, it’s a 100 percent injury rate, for every position. You can even be a kicker and you’re going to get blasted at one point. Obviously, you try to your best to protect your quarterback, especially a franchise-type quarterback, but at the same time, the nature of the game says you’re going to get hit.

On if he thinks Wayne Hunter needs to improve…

I think Wayne Hunter, like I say, we focus on that he got beat one time, so we focus on that and he had two penalties, but Wayne Hunter does a great job. I think we also need to focus on the rest of the game and how he has played in the past year. He did have four starts during crunch time last year, at the end of the season and in some of the playoff games and he played great against great competition. I think Wayne is going to be just fine.

On Sanchez’s two interceptions…

I think the first interception, he ended up reading the coverage a certain way and then probably forced the ball when he shouldn’t have. I think maybe he might have misread the coverage and thought he could get it over the top of the guy and that wasn’t the case. The second one, the kid made a great play. He read his backside of three, went to the single receiver side, and the guy ended up jumping us on the in-cut, beating us to the punch. It was a great play on his part.

On what Antonio Cromartie did differently from Week One to Week Two…

Well, if Cro gets that interception against Dallas, we’re saying he had a great game that one, too. He gave up a three-yard touchdown completion. He had that one, it was dual-possession and all that. Cro’s playing a high level right now to say the least.

On if what he saw on Sunday is what he expected out of Cromartie when they traded for him…

Well, that was it, and when we traded for him, we knew we were getting a guy that can play man coverage. There are a lot of guys that are good corners in this league, but they can’t play man. In our style of defense, and Oakland’s playing a lot of man coverage. You’re going to get beat, I don’t care who you are. [Darrelle] Revis once in a while, once in a long while, will get beat. But you have to be special to be outside playing in this system.

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