Rex Ryan Press Conference 9/5/11

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On how he feels about the stage of development the offense is in…

I feel pretty good. Most of them have picked up the system now. You have two veterans that are our only new starters, with Plax [Burress] and Derrick Mason. Other than that, our team has been together. They’ve been with Schotty for three years, at least, with our quarterback, with Shonn Greene, with LT [Tomlinson], he has that experience. Our tight ends have been in the same system, so I feel pretty good about where we are.

On coaching this team while having concerns about his father’s health…

That’s it. That’s what everybody deals with, their own issues and things. My job is to coach football and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

On Mardy Gilyard‘s kick-return experience and if he could see time there Sunday…

Not right now, not this first week. He does and he is a decent player on special teams. Obviously, he has receiving skills, but we won’t be looking at him to return kicks this week.

On the regular season starting…

Now it’s like, “Wow, this thing is for real.” When you see the fact that we’re working on kick return and you see that you have no one else to run down on kicks so you have to do it. It’s that realization that, “Guess what, it’s for real now.” You have a 53-man roster and it’s just us. I think that’s something. You look at it this way too, and I talk about it, you guys have heard me talk about, that it is easier to win a lottery than it is to play in the National Football League. It’s a blessing and a privilege to play in this league and these guys are chosen to play, and not just anywhere but to play for the New York Jets. It’s something they should be proud of. I think now is that our job is to win football games and our focus is on this opponent and this opponent only.

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