Rex Ryan Press Conference 9/5/11

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Here is a transcript of Rex Ryan’s press conference today, courtesy of the New York Jets:

It is our first day now, here we have the regular season. And just think, man, Sunday night, it is going to be special. It’s on. The preseason always is good, you’re trying to get your team together and all that, but there’s something about that first practice when you get back together and you look around and it seems like half the players. Where are all the other players? It’s just the media out there, all our fans for training camp and all that, as much as you like to see them out there, it’s like, OK, it’s get-down-to-business time. So that’s kind of what you notice, at least what I noticed out there today.

With the injuries, [Mark] Brunell was a little limited in practice. I know we don’t have to give these, but he was a little limited. Kenrick Ellis was limited with a left hamstring, nothing major. Sione [Pouha], with a left knee, but he was out there. And then [Darrelle] Revis has a little hip but he was fine, he was out there going good. Guys that were out were John Conner, still with that ankle. Logan Payne, which I think we all know he’s not playing this week and neither is Rob Turner. But other than that everybody was out there.

I thought the thing that really needed improving today was Jack, our sound guy [joking]. That was brutal today. Our speakers, something was going on. So I wanted to make sure that I pointed that out. Other than that it was great, I thought it was a good practice. It was an extra practice, but we really focused on offense on red zone. We had like 20 snaps in the red zone and then we focused on defense on third downs. 20 snaps on third down, so I thought that was good, get a little jump start on the normal week preparations. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

On if he is confident that John Conner will play on Sunday…

Yes I am, there’s no doubt. Here we go again. I’m not going to say the word. I think he will play. I really feel strongly that he will play. We’ll probably keep him out tomorrow and then get him back on a regular schedule on Wednesday.

On if he is worried about Brunell’s health going into the game…

No, the good thing is with [Kevin] O’Connell now coming in here, our eggs aren’t all tied into that one basket.

On Martin Tevaseu being in the building…

Yes, MTV and Isaiah [Trufant] both will be on the practice squad, and then [Josh] Baker will be off the practice squad for now.

On playing in primetime against his brother and the Cowboys on the anniversary of 9/11…

Usually, it’s like I go against my brother and all that and you have a lot of fun with that, but obviously I feel it’s different, like a responsibility. I have to make sure, and every week it’s my responsibility to make sure our team is prepared and all that kind of stuff, but I don’t know, it just feels different to me. The significance of it, I think it’s stronger than any game I’ve ever felt. I feel more pressure on this game for whatever reason than any game I’ve ever coached, it seems like.

On if he remembers what he was doing on 9/11…

Oh yes, I was in Baltimore and Pat Moriarty, he did all of our contracts and stuff like that. And I was walking by his office, and he’s like “Oh my goodness.” And I looked in there and we were getting ready to practice and so I’m watching it, and right when I was watching, the other plane hit the second tower. I was like, “Oh my goodness.” So that’s what I remember, and I was thinking about my cousin who was a New York City fireman and all that. So I had a lot of thoughts about those times.

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