Favre On The Way?

To save the day? The rumors are swirling more fast and more furious than they were around draft time. Firts he says he doesn’t want to play for teh Jets than he says he may take the Packers $20 mil to stay retired and now after early reports today that Brett Favre was headed to Tampa Bay, the New York Jets could be on the verge of landing one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

If they do pull off the improbable let me start the applause early. You cannot pass on the chance to acquire a player of Favre’s caliber and to think he’d be a “diva” or “distraction” as I have heard bandied about in describing Favre now is utter lunacy. The fact that the Jets are so close and so deep into negotiations at this point tells you all you need to know about the team’s faith in Kellen Clemens. They already know what Chad Pennington brings to the table. A player with more guts than ability at this stage of his career and more shoulder surgeries than playoff wins.

In other news, Chris Baker is back to playing tight end in training camp but new toy Dustin Keller is the star of camp so far. Keller should be a tremendous weapon on offense while fellow rookie classmate Dwight Lowery might be the Kerry Rhodes of this year’s draft. He is looking good and may pay instant dividends in the defensive backfield on dime and nickel packages to start before he may earn himself a larger role.

Also of serious note is the improved play of punter Ben Graham. The Jets looked to be all but certain to replace Graham — possibly with recent camp exile Jeremy Kapinos — but it looks like Graham has nailed down the starting gig, and in style, as evidenced by his recent 86 yard punt in camp. G’day mate!

In some increasingly concerning camp news ILB David Harris continues to sit out with a mysterious leg injury and Jesse Chatman has yet to practice as well. Harris is a necessity the Jets cannot afford to lose and it is imperative he gets better in a hurry so he can quarterback the new defense.

And finally, someone is giving the Jets some credit  (finally!) whereas most in the media just like to kick sand in the Jets faces no matter what they do to try and improve. At least in this report card the Jets are one of only a handful of teams to get an A.

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  • Brad

    Well, all i’ll say is that I hope your right about Farve… I hope he is this amazing QB that he was in Green Bay 1 out of the last 6 years. I hope Jay Glazer from Fox Sports was wrong when he reported today that Farve only took the offseason seriously last year, and once again did nothing this offseason to prepare which is why the Pack are set to go with a bunch of unknowns… I hope your right that the Pack haven’t went through a bunch of coaches who can’t control Farve changing plays which is the real reason Holmgren left. I hope that Farve will listen to Mangini, and B. Shot whom are both younger than him. I also hope that this Greatest QB of all time will continue with the philosophy of running and defense which is against his gunslinger mentality. I also hope I’m wrong that when Farve wakes up week 6 and decides he wants to go back to Miss. that Kellen Clemens will be able to pick up the slack because Pennington will be gone. No, not a diva at all… If T.O. or Ocho Cinco was doing this same thing, no one would say they are diva’s right? Your right, it’s absolute lunacy to think that a 38 year old QB, that generally changes things in the huddle and can’t get along with his coach or organization will cause a distraction to all the young talent that this team has right now. And none of the Free Agent Veterans will think he’s a diva when he’s allowed to constantly throw into double coverage on a team that is built with possession WR corps… Coles & Cotchery aint Jennings & Driver speed wise… I know we’re both Jets fans, but i’m astonished that Jets fans are blinded by this. I’ve been a season ticket holder my whole life, and it’s amazing that we still don’t learn that this publicity stunts just don’t work. Brett Farve will sell tickets and we’ll all feel better about paying the PSL now, right? And when Aaron Rodgers fails and Pennington leads ‘em to an NFC Title game, it will be someone else’s fault. Right?
    Anyway, I like a lot of your posts, seriously. You seem pretty up to date on the Jets which puts you at a 9 of 10 in my book cause bottom line, if we land Farve, I’ll be the first one with a Jersey, and I’ll send you one too as a sign of good faith. We’ll agree to disagree on this subject!!!
    Besides that, just an FYI- there are a few mispelled words in the column… Firts and Teh… besides that, very solid even though I disagree!!! Anyway, if it does happen i’ll throw out my hating on Farve and his Madden Curse and I’ll root big time, but if he ends up in Tampa, I hope you join me in laughing all year long when they wish they had Garcia Back!!!

  • Brad

    My bad, I didn’t proof read mine either… we were season tix holders growing up, but haven’t been since i joined the service and my dad moved, and I think there is a your where it should be a you’re… either way, I have a couple of Packer fans that I work with who have been telling me how great Brett Farve is for the last few years, and I’ve been giving them the stats since day one on his “greatness” and it’s not that impressive besides the compiling. He’s the Dominique Wilkins of the NFL… Very Flashy… except he appeals to the Mid-west cause he wears Wranglers… If Tom Brady starts throwing deep on every play into double coverage and Moss comes down with the ball, we’ll be talking about him in the same light down the road. And he’ll have no more championships to show for it, just like Farve. Anyway, I keep trying to get some of the Jets fans I know to jump on this site, but they’re bein’ biatches. Good luck!!! I hope we’re both drinking some Champagne at years end!!! Be Good!!!

  • Brad

    another thing with Farve- the Jets don’t have any receivers that can get open down field… All possession receivers and good blockers, They have no burners so Farve is a terrible fit. Anyway, here’s a post from another Jet fan talking about Chad’s arm strength… I’m with this dude, the best teams and best QB’s usually have the best O-lines… Brady and Manning are mortal when they are under constant pressure… here’s the stats…
    Is Chad’s arm strength the problem? Really? Are we trying to get rid of the redness in our face when it’s the cancer that’s killing us? Let’s compare: Chad: 65% accuracy and 7.2 yard per attempt (ypa) average in his career. Tom Brady: 63%, 7.2 ypa Peyton Manning: 64%, 7.7 ypa Chad: 4.3% of his passes go for a TD; 2.9% are intercepted — and he’s sacked 26 time/yr avg (1.9 per game) Tom: 5.4 TD%; 2.4 Int % — 29 sacks per year avg (1.8 per game) Peyton: 5.7% TD%; 2.8% Int — 19 sacks per year avg (1.9 per game) So–Chad’s accuracy is up there with the best; the average gain per pass is up there with the best; his interception rate is down there with the best; and his sack rate is the same. No question his arm is not as strong as either Brady’s or Manning’s, but he’s making the throws. So–what’s the difference? Where’s the cancer? Let’s look at the 2007 stats: Colts and Jets: almost the exact rushing stats–but the Colts had
    Well, the meat got cut off. Bottom line, our rushing was equal to the Pats and Colts, but they had almost twice the number of rushing TDs. Where we fall short is 3rd down efficiency where the Pats/Colts are 48% and 49% (ranked 1st and 2nd) … the Jets are a measley 38% (19th in the league). We get 5 yds on a 1st down pass, 4 yds on a 2nd down run, and then get stuffed on a 3rd down play. The Pats/Colts make that extra yard or two when it counts. So it’s not a Chad issue, IT’S A COACHING ISSUE–the coaches need to execute the right scheme and get the right play in. No matter who the QB is, if the Jets only convert 38% of their 3rd downs, we’ll be a below .500 team.

    The later I disagree with, it was an Offensive Line issue. Be that as it may, I agree with most of what this gentleman said…

    Anyway, I’m a big believer in Pennington… we’ve been to the playoffs every year he’s been healthy and we’ve done it with a less than spectacular o-line, now we have a monster o-line with the additions of Fanaca and Woody. I think Farve would be a huge mistake!!!

  • Brad

    My apologies man, you had it pegged… I’ll be rooting hard this year that I’m wrong. I hope to god this works especially for a 2nd round pick… Worst case Scenario, they’ll get more national coverage… I really hope your right…

  • Brad

    And the Sharks have begun, I just hope he makes it through the season without retiring…

    Check it out…


  • http://thevikingage.com danzinski

    Dear Jets,

    Thank you for removing Brett Favre from the NFC North.


    Minnesota Vikings fans.

    P.S. – Does Chad Pennington have anything left?

  • Brad


    I’m a huge Pennington fan and I think he’d be perfect in a dome away from the strong winds. He’s one of the best play action pass QB’s in the league and doesn’t make mistakes… That being said, I’m shocked that the Jets actually went after Farve which means Pennington’s shoulder is probably still an issue. I really hope this Farve thing works out. He’s easy to root for, but I’m a little concerned about the whole Gunslinger thing while trying to overtake the Pats who just don’t make mistakes!