Ranking the Jets’ 2024 draft picks by impact they’ll make as rookies

The Jets will unleash their next generation.
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4. CB Qwan'Tez Stiggers

The whole mythology surrounding the Stiggers story seems to have grown to such grand proportions that it overshadowed the fact he is a fine cornerback prospect. On a wider field in the Canadian Football League, where receivers can move before the snap, Stiggers flashed tremendous ball skills and physicality.

Stiggers has a legitimate shot to win the dime cornerback job, beating out names like Brandin Echols and safety/corner hybrid Jarrick Bernard-Converse. If he fails to do that, look for him to be a valuable gunner on special teams with an eye on contributing more in his second season with the Jets.

Olu Fashanu will be behind Tyron Smith on the NY Jets

3. OT Olu Fashanu

Very few non-quarterback No. 11 overall picks are selecting with the intention of putting him on the bench for his rookie year, but Fashanu will likely need to wait his turn as an injury replacement behind Tyron Smith. Unless Smith gets hurt (very likely), the Jets will try to keep Fashanu on the second team.

Even with this plan, the Jets are so entranced by Fashanu's talent that they still took the plunge. If Smith's injury problems make it tough for him to play all 17 games, the Jets can feel more than confident in arguably the best pass blocker in the entire 2024 class taking his spot in the lineup.