NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Vikings in Week 13

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NY Jets to start with confidence

  • Zonovan Knight* (assuming he's RB1)
  • Garrett Wilson
  • Mike White

There is no safer bet in a PPR fantasy league than Mike White's RB1. We can guarantee carries, a double-digit number of targets, and goal-line looks assuming the offense moves the ball. Whoever has the honor of being RB1 will be a must-start this week for fantasy.

We all know that Knight made Jets history with his efforts last week, but will he pick up his efficiency to surpass that of Ty Johnson? The likelihood of this being a high-scoring, close game is high, so the Jets will need their most efficient weapons out there.

In Knight's defense, this was his first-ever NFL game. In Breece Hall's first-ever NFL game, Michael Carter was the more productive back, but we all know what happened when Hall got comfortable. It is very possible (dare I say likely) that Knight develops a comparable type of comfort that allows him to reach his potential.

Another fun fact for you — Garrett Wilson has never caught a touchdown pass from Zach Wilson. He had two in his last game with Joe Flacco before going through a seven-game drought that immediately ended when he caught two from White this past Sunday.

Take what you will from that stat, but the big picture here is that Wilson is WR1. Tyler Conklin has played with both Justin Jefferson and Garett Wilson, so for him to make a comparison between the two, as he did this week, is some high (and certifiable) praise from a colleague.

Assuming the QB play is just average, Wilson figures to be a major factor in every single remaining game. 100 yards, multiple touchdowns, and even a surprise rushing touchdown are all on the table when the Jets move the ball the way they just did last week. This could be another 20+ point game.

And of course, the man that's making all of these predictions possible, the 'Breaker Of Coins,' Mike White. In the only three full games he's started in, he averages 323.7 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions per game.

Depending on your scoring rules, that stat line could be anywhere from an 18-28 point game from your QB — which is very good. I won't lie, I will be shocked (!) if White ends this upcoming game with zero turnovers as he just did against the very injured Bears defense.

This Bears game is the only time he played a full game and didn't throw an interception. In his partial-game participation against the Patriots, he threw two and he got injured against the Colts on Monday Night Football before he threw one last year.

His turnovers were a big reason why people were unsure about him this year despite such a spectacular performance against the Bengals.

If he has truly turned a corner and doesn't have a turnover this game, then White could be one of the best QB options in all of fantasy this week. If not, and White just took advantage of a horrible defense and he is in fact coming back to Earth this week, take solace that even his bad games to date have had fantasy value.

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As you can tell by his spot on the list, I'm least confident in White out of these three options, but 23-year-olds aren't the only people who develop. 27-year-olds can get better too and perhaps that's exactly what White has done — we'll see if he can keep up the good work this week. Good luck!