How the NY Jets stand to benefit from the Matt Ryan trade

NY Jets, Matt Ryan
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The NY Jets aren't looking to take a quarterback in this year's 2022 NFL Draft for obvious reasons. That's honestly for the best too given that this year's class is hardly strong at the position.

However, that isn't going to stop other teams from potentially reaching for a quarterback early in the draft. The real question remains, which teams will be looking to add a new QB?

On Monday, a new team entered the conversation as the Atlanta Falcons agreed to send longtime quarterback Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a third-round pick.

The Falcons, who select eighth overall, now seem like a prime destination for perhaps the first quarterback to come off the board.

The Matt Ryan trade could benefit the NY Jets come draft day

The Jets find themselves in a favorable position come April with two picks in the top-10 and four total inside the top-40. The more teams that are interested in drafting a quarterback early, the better it is for the Jets.

At surface level, the Jets ideally want as many of their favorite targets to fall to them as possible. Given that the Jets aren't eyeing a quarterback, any QB taken before their selections is a bonus.

If the Falcons were to select a player like Liberty's Malik Willis at that spot, it would mean one more potential Jets target could fall to them at 10. Willis makes a ton of sense for Atlanta too given the signing of Marcus Mariota.

Mariota could serve as a bridge quarterback while Willis develops and ideally doesn't play much as a rookie. That's not the only way the Jets could benefit, however.

There's a strong possibility the Jets will look to trade down with one of their two first-round picks in this year's draft. With Atlanta in need of a QB now, perhaps they could even convince them to move up to No. 4 overall, especially with Seattle lurking one spot behind them.

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The more teams in the quarterback picture, the better for the Jets. The Matt Ryan trade adds Atlanta to that growing list of teams that could target a QB early in the draft.