8 best one-hit wonder seasons in NY Jets history

Who are the best one-hit wonders in Jets history?
Mike White
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7. Mike White, QB, NY Jets

  • Season: 2021
  • Games Started: 3
  • Stats: 66% completion percentage, 956 passing yards, five touchdowns

This was another brief but fun flash in the pan. In Week 8 of 2021, Mike White pulled off one of the more miraculous performances in Jets history. Replacing the injured Zach Wilson, White was making his first career start against the future AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals. The deck was stacked against him, to say the least.

All he did was come out and throw for 405 yards, completing 82 percent of his 45 passes. He did this while also leading the Jets to a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback victory.

Down 11 points with 7:29 left in the fourth quarter, White led the Jets on two touchdown drives to seal one of the most improbable victories in franchise history. The energy inside MetLife Stadium was beyond electric as the fans chanted Mike White's name. I can speak from experience, as I was in attendance.

The remainder of White's Jets career was not quite as spectacular. The Jets finished 4-13, and White only started two more games. He finished his Jets career, starting a total of seven games with eight touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and a 2-5 record.

White never came close to the level that he somehow achieved in that Week 8 game, it's safe to say that deep down, all Jets fans knew that it was one incredible flukey game that wouldn't replicate itself. But for just a moment in 2021, Mike White was on top of the Jets world.

6. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, NY Jets

  • Season: 2010
  • Games Started: 13
  • Stats: 4.2 YPC, 914 rushing yards, six touchdowns

This one is tough, as the decline that LaDainian Tomlinson experienced after his one shining Jets season was due to no fault of his own. This is simply an example of aging, but in the context of New York Jets history, Tomlinson was a shooting star.

He went from carrying the squad to an AFC title game one year, to minimal production the next. Fans knew in 2010 that Tomlinson was not a long-term solution at running back, but based on the performance he put out, there was reason to believe he might hang around as an important piece for a few years.

This did not happen. In 2010, Tomlinson led the No. 4 rushing attack in the entire NFL with 914 yards. In 2011, he failed to eclipse 300 yards for the first time in his career. He also had fewer than 100 carries for the first time in his carer, taking a backseat to the younger Shonn Greene.

Tomlinson teased Jets fans with such an outstanding first season that he allowed for some hope that this was something more than temporary.

Despite such a quick fall from grace, I would say that fans have very fond memories of the Hall-of-Fame running back. Even going as far as to get a tattoo of a Jets logo on his right calf, Tomlinson completely ingratiated himself into the Jets culture. It's a shame that his Jets glory was so short-lived.