5 most anticipated NY Jets games for the 2022 NFL season

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages

2. Week 5: NY Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

The Jets have an incredibly tough first month of the year, and while the Miami Dolphins will be tough on the Jets as always, this is the type of game this team needs to win to prove that there really is a culture change within the organization.

Add on to that the rivalry between young QBs within the division, as well as the Tyreek Hill trade situation, and this one could shape up to be one of the best games in Week 5.

With so much skill to go around on these two rosters, this one could be great. But with all the new additions the Jets have made, this could be one that defines their season. There's a very real possibility the Jets head into this one 0-4.

3. Week 8: NY Jets vs. New England Patriots

This may be cliche, but given the dominance that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have had over the Jets and young QBs in general over the past 20 years, it will always be one that's marked down by opposing teams — specifically this division rival.

Zach Wilson struggled against New England a year ago, but with a much-improved offensive line and a plethora of new weapons, this team is in a great spot to end the first half of the season with a win against the old foe.

Given how tough the first half of the schedule is, a win in a game like this would be huge for the Jets as they head into a potential winning second half of the season, meaning this could be one of, if not the most important games of the year.