3 QB options if the NY Jets somehow don't trade for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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3. One last chance for Zach Wilson

If the draft comes and goes, all the picks are added to the roster, and by late summer, it appears that Rodgers will not be coming to the Jets, the team might have to look in the mirror and face reality.

By that point, it is highly probable any worthy veterans would be signed to fill out active rosters or replace injured players. What options might the Jets have?

This would be the ultimate doomsday scenario in my mind. After an entire offseason of proclaiming Wilson to be the backup next year and actively pursuing every quarterback on the market, going back to Wilson and telling him to be ready to play would be quite the turn of events.

Even more so, how would the locker room, who lost all faith in Wilson last year, react?

Let's start by saying this — Wilson did win games last year. In fact, he won his first four starts of the year. Yes, a lot of this was not because of Wilson, but in spite of him.

Before the dreadful New England games, he was showing signs of improvement though. He only tallied two turnovers across four games and managed to beat the Buffalo Bills in a game where he was 18-for-25 with a touchdown and no turnovers.

With another offseason, more weapons brought in, more steady offensive line play, and a running game behind Breece Hall, could Zach Wilson turn into Mark Sanchez 2.0?

Manage games, hit check downs, and throw to good receivers when they are open. Lean into the run game, don't turn the ball over, and let the defense and special teams get the Jets to the playoffs. Once there, who would want to play them and their defense in a win-or-go-home scenario?

This is the same plan the Jets used to guide them to back-to-back AFC Championship Games under Sanchez, who also struggled with turnovers and a lack of confidence.

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Could it be the same recipe the Jets use a decade later to get back into the playoffs? It might not be what fans want, but without Aaron Rodgers, what other options might be available?