NY Jets: Corey Davis says he expected Sam Darnold to be his quarterback

NY Jets, Corey Davis, Sam Darnold Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Corey Davis, Sam Darnold Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

Newly-signed NY Jets wide receiver Corey Davis raised some eyebrows when speaking to the media on Tuesday as he discussed Sam Darnold and the team’s future at the quarterback position.

Davis was asked about the Jets’ QB plans and who he expects to be the Week 1 starting quarterback in 2021. An impossible question for anyone to answer, let alone a player who just signed with the team a week ago.

But he did his best not to throw anyone under the bus indicating that his understanding was that Darnold was the Jets’ starting quarterback. When asked to clarify if he believed Darnold would still be the QB come September, he doubled-down on his initial statement.

Davis stated that he believes Darnold will be the quarterback and that was his assumption when he signed with the team.

“The situation, it is what it is. Obviously I’m coming in with my understanding that Sam is the guy. That doesn’t scare me away at all. I’ve seen Sam do great things.”

What do Corey Davis’ comments mean about the NY Jets and Sam Darnold’s future?

Davis may have made his initial declaration about Darnold, but he did leave the comment a little open-ended in a part of his statement that’s seemingly being ignored.

The former fifth overall pick stated that “whichever direction they decide to go it’s on me to be ready” indicating that he’s clearly not sold on the fact that Darnold will be his quarterback in 2021.

The Jets have a crucial decision to make at the quarterback position this offseason with Darnold’s future hanging in the balance.

With a golden opportunity to reset the rookie quarterback clock in a stacked QB class, the Jets are heavily rumored to be drafting a quarterback with the second overall pick.

BYU’s Zach Wilson has emerged as the runaway favorite, but players like Trey Lance of North Dakota State and Justin Fields of Ohio State are still in play.

As is the possibility of keeping Darnold, but the writing has seemingly been on the wall for quite some time.

It’s also important to remember not to read too much into any answer given in a press conference, especially when stating the opposite would have thrown his current quarterback under the bus.

It’s highly unlikely that Davis’ comments mean anything, and they certainly aren’t a tell-tale indication of what the Jets’ plans are at the quarterback position.

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But they were eyebrow-raising. And at this time of year, that’s enough to generate headlines.