Winless NY Jets will get what they wish for this offseason

NY Jets (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

The hapless NY Jets are going to get what they wish for come the offseason.

The tank is in full effect for the NY Jets as they lost yet again this week to drop to 0-12 on the season. A big fat zero in the win column as we come down the stretch, but with a winless record in mid-December, it seems more than probable at this point that the Jets will land the No. 1 draft pick this year.

These past two weeks have been the best opportunities for the Jets to land their first win(s) of the season. They always play the Miami Dolphins tough as history tells us, so I decided to take a flier on that game and go with the Jets outright.

That failed miserably, though predictable.

Then, this week we had the Las Vegas Raiders come to town where they had already begun their slow decline into obscurity as once again they came apart as a 6-4 team headed directly to the playoffs, much like they did in 2019.

The Raiders got smoked in Atlanta in Week 12 and looked as though they could lose this week’s game to the Jets as well. The Jets were also the team last year that halted the Raiders at 6-4 when they beat them 34-3 last year.

Unfortunately, I left you guys hanging with a game prediction this week, but I managed to nail 3-for-3 the Moneyline pick in the Raiders, the spread pick in the Jets +9, and the over 47 total pick.

Had Gregg Williams not come in to save the day with his zero blitz call on the last play, I would probably be looking at a Jets +9 win with two losses for this game.

The Raiders are not a team I’m particularly great at predicting this year, so I have to give thanks to Mr. Williams for his brilliant play call.

More importantly, here’s the rub on what the state of the Jets is. I’m not one to speculate whether or not Williams’ play-calling had anything to do with the Jets wanting to secure that No. 1 pick.

Personally, that’s not a play call one would make, especially one who has a long history of success in this league, to close out a game and secure a team’s first win of the season.

For the most part, they beat the Raiders in this game and should, by most accounts, have a win in the bag.

Was Williams instructed to lose this game? I have no idea. But either way, the Jets are going to get what they want out of this result. That being the No. 1 pick in the draft in all likelihood.

It’s crazy because coming into this season, I had so many good things to say about this Jets team.0 Yes, they had a headcase for a head coach. Yes, they had a New York market which is only paving the way for losing sports teams nowadays.

But they were also solid in their defensive coordinator and personnel group and they had Sam Darnold who brought them to a 7-6 record last year with all of their deficiencies.

All of that has been thrown out the window, and to my utter dismay, it’s actually the New York Giants who have become the hopeful ray of sunlight for New York football.

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The NY Jets will overhaul their roster and coaching staff in the offseason

The Jets will get rid of Adam Gase this offseason and they’ll trade Sam Darnold after ruining his first few seasons of pro ball, but the culture of losing still remains and it appears Trevor Lawrence will be the next “victim” (so to speak) to step into the buzz saw which is this Jets organization.

There were things to like about this Jets team. Joe Douglas isn’t a terrible general manager. Gregg Williams had success on the defensive side of the ball in his career and even stepped in to coach the Browns during Baker Mayfield’s rookie season where they overperformed.

Defensive personnel continued to improve even with the trading of Jamal Adams — the noise was out of the building and the Jets had a bunch of young players coming up to be excited about.

Darnold was on-track to developing into a top quarterback in this league. But he continued to be the gunslinger he is and the play-calling didn’t help even that out. The former USC star lost his momentum and his upward trajectory.

Once Darnold lost his momentum and the Jets started getting flirty with the idea of drafting someone new, there was no turning back. Darnold was done in New York and the 2020 season was effectively over.

Much like how Carson Wentz is imploding in Philadelphia, Darnold lost his way in New York. It’s a real shame. I stand behind Sam Darnold. I hope he catches on somewhere and becomes the franchise quarterback he was supposed to be for the Jets if they didn’t mismanage him so poorly.

Next year, Darnold won’t be the starter anymore and most of the coaching staff will be gone, but either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields will be stepping into an organization that thinks throwing a brand new quarterback at the problem will solve everything.

For a lot of franchises, it can patch things up, but for the Jets franchise, in particular, it’s not even going to be close enough to solving the issues.

This is an organization at the bottom of the barrel in the league, and at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the top quarterbacks in this draft class refuses to come to town.

Losing is engrained in the DNA of the Jets’ and New York sports teams’ in general nowadays.

Last year, things started to look up for the Jets with how well Sam Darnold bounced back from having mononucleosis, dealing with Adam Gase as his head coach, having all of his weapons on IR, and having the worst offensive line in football to leading the Jets to a winning record of 7-6.

But this year, everything that was good about this team has been crushed. And now Jets fans are looking at perhaps another rebuild — reboot if we want to be more optimistic.

In will walk Trevor Lawrence from the suburbs of Atlanta and beautiful South Carolina to the unforgiving market of New York sports and he will be tested like never before. New York media has torn through a lot of professional athletes young and old and left them in ruin.

The Jets may be starting fresh next year, but they are also setting up yet another young quarterback to be torn up if they don’t manage him right. Lawrence is a lot more polished than Sam Darnold was coming into the league. He’s got a bigger personality as well.

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But at the end of the day, if you don’t win (which the Jets don’t really do much of), you’re not going to last in the greater New York area. I wish that wasn’t the case so intensely in New York, but it is.

Godspeed to whichever quarterback takes the reins for this Jets team next year.