NY Jets’ problems root deeper than ‘Tanking for Trevor’ or firing Adam Gase

NY Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets’ issues root deeper than their quarterback and head coach.

It is no secret at this point that the NY Jets are in full-throttle tank mode.

If you peruse Jets Twitter for even a moment, you will see the two biggest takes are wanting head coach Adam Gase to be fired, and longing for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Gase being fired should be a foregone conclusion. This is statistically the worst the franchise has ever looked in their history.

Lawrence is arguably the best quarterback prospect in years. If (when?) the Jets are in position to select him, there is no question that Trevor Lawrence is the obvious choice.

However, if you think some miraculous concoction of drafting Trevor Lawrence and firing Adam Gase is going to come in and solve all of this team’s woes, you are sorely mistaken.

Unfortunately, the Jets require more of a remedy than a simple coaching or quarterback change can provide. The ineptitude plaguing this organization is more systemic than anything else.

The NY Jets need to overhaul their entire power structure

An overhaul of the entire power structure of the organization is vital for the team to have success moving forward, and it starts at the top, with interim owner Christopher Johnson and Woody Johnson, when he returns from fulfilling his duties overseas.

Ideally, an owner will pick a football person to make the football decisions. The focal point of this is a general manager who will hire a head coach he trusts and works in sync with.

That head coach will report to the general manager. The general manager will report to the owner, who stays out of all of the football decisions.

We have seen Woody Johnson, and more recently, Christopher hire a general manager. Subsequently, they will hire a head coach.

While current general manager Joe Douglas has a previous working relationship with Adam Gase, Gase was hired first. Furthermore, he worked alongside Douglas’ predecessor Mike Maccagnan, and it was well documented that they did not get along.

The Johnsons have always tried these arranged marriages between head coach and general manager, and they have not worked well.

From Rex Ryan/John Idzik, Mike Maccagnan/Todd Bowles, and Mike Maccagnan/Adam Gase, these have not worked, nor has this entire arrangement worked.

Quite frankly, the Johnsons have not proven themselves to be competent or trusted in making football decisions. It may have cost them a prime coaching candidate in current Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule.

Upon Gase’s imminent departure at season’s end, the Jets meddling in these arranged marriages needs to stop — and it needs to stop immediately.

Joe Douglas should be allowed to hire whoever he wants to, and that new head coach should be able to report to him. Woody and Christopher Johnson need to stay the hell out of the way.

If this season plays out how we expect, Trevor Lawrence will be a New York Jet in 2021. One can infer that this might be the only way head coaching candidates will even want to be associated with the Jets.

If there is not systemic change throughout the ranks of the NY Jets, it will not matter if the Jets draft Lawrence or not.

We will be back in this position when Alabama QB Bryce Young is eligible, and high school quarterback Arch Manning after him (let’s be honest, his family probably would not let him play for the Jets anyway).

The Jets do not want to squander this opportunity with a franchise-altering quarterback such as Lawrence by continuing to implement a power structure that does not serve anyone and has not been positive in any way, shape, or form.

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The Johnsons need to step back and let Joe Douglas hire his own coach, assemble the team, and structure the remainder of the front office in his vision.

For their part, Woody and Christopher just need to step back and let him do it.