NY Jets: James Morgan still ‘a ways off’ from being the backup QB

NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

NY Jets’ rookie quarterback James Morgan is still “a ways off” from being active.

The NY Jets‘ 2020 NFL Draft class is looking very promising now more than halfway through the season. But one player who remains the biggest mystery of all is fourth-round pick, James Morgan.

The selection of Morgan was always going to be one met with backlash. So when general manager Joe Douglas made the surprising move to draft a quarterback in the fourth round, many were left scratching their heads.

But with the injuries at the quarterback position this season, it seemed like Morgan would finally get his chance. Especially considering the Jets really don’t have anything to lose in an already lost season.

However, don’t expect Morgan to take the field — or even be active — anytime soon.

Head coach Adam Gase was asked about Morgan’s status on Thursday and whether he would be active as the backup quarterback or even start a game this season. His response likely wasn’t the one many Jets fans were looking for.

Gase said that they were still “a ways off” from Morgan being activated as the No. 2 quarterback indicating that he won’t be ready anytime soon. Mind you, we’re not even talking about him being ready to play.

We’re talking about him just being active as the emergency backup.

The NY Jets are afraid of playing James Morgan

Morgan was drafted in the fourth round, he isn’t supposed to be some late-round developmental project. Obviously, the plan was never to play him in his rookie season, but at 0-9, why must the Jets continue to trot out 35-year-old Joe Flacco?

Why not give Morgan a chance? Why not at least activate him on game days? The fact that the Jets remain so hesitant is evidence of just how large of a project Morgan truly is.

If Flacco were to go down, the Jets would hand the reigns of the offense over to former practice-squad quarterback Mike White. If White were to go down, I wouldn’t put it past the Jets to re-sign David Fales and give him the start over Morgan.

They’re that hesitant with Morgan.

The Jets clearly don’t feel as though Morgan is anywhere close to being ready to play in an NFL game. Patience is one thing, but this situation reeks of fear more than anything.

The Jets are afraid of Morgan being inserted into a game and royally screwing up. They’re afraid of receiving even more backlash for a pick that already seems like a lost cause.

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The Jets’ season went up in smokes a long time ago. But while the remainder of the rookie class will take part in a seven-week showcase, James Morgan will continue to sit on the sideline as a healthy scratch.