Week 9 proves just how much work the NY Jets need to do

NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Kevin R. Wexler-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Kevin R. Wexler-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets clearly have a lot of work to do and their Week 9 loss is proof.

The NY Jets entered Week 9 with an 0-8 record. To make matters worse, the team’s future outlook looks even worse after what has recently transpired.

Much of your success in the NFL depends on the division you are in. For instance, the Philadelphia Eagles have a losing record, but if the season ended today, they’d be hosting a playoff game because of how bad the NFC East is.

Being in the same division and having to play the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots twice a year for almost two decades made life difficult for the Jets.

The Jets could have been the team to capture the division after the six-time Super Bowl champion left New England this offseason.

However, nine weeks into the season, the Jets are far away from competing in the AFC East even after the Patriots’ unprecedented dynasty has seemingly come to an end.

Finding the right quarterback is a huge key to being a yearly contender in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, two of the teams that will be standing in the Jets way, may have found their long-term franchises quarterbacks after years of not having one.

After a successful second season where he led the Bills to the playoffs, Josh Allen has gotten even better this season. Allen is on pace to throw for 34 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and 4,599 yards while averaging 8.2 yards per attempt.

Tua Tagovailoa, the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, has had a very good start to his career. This Sunday, in his second career start, Tagovailoa had two touchdowns and zero turnovers while averaging 8.9 yards per attempt in a win on the road against the previously 5-2 Arizona Cardinals.

The Bills and Dolphins may have found their quarterbacks of the future — the Jets are still searching.

The NY Jets are still searching for their franchise quarterback

Over the past 15 years, the Patriots have unquestionably been the best team in football while the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills have been afterthoughts. Currently, the Bills are 7-2 while the Dolphins are well ahead of schedule in their rebuild with a 5-3 record and the Jets are 0-9.

The Patriots might be 3-5, but we can’t assume they will remain a non-competitive team for the foreseeable future because of the success they’ve had over the past two decades and the fact that they still have Bill Belichick, who is arguably the greatest coach in NFL history.

This past Monday’s matchup was the Jets chance to snap their eight-game losing streak against the Patriots — a Patriots team that no longer has Tom Brady.

Despite having a 10-point fourth-quarter lead against the worst Patriots team in 20 years, the Jets were unable to come out with a victory on Monday night.

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Even after Tom Brady — the biggest reason for the Patriots’ six Super Bowl titles since 2000 — has left New England, the Jets are still far away from competing in the AFC East.