NY Jets reportedly ‘really don’t want to’ fire Adam Gase midseason

NY Jets, Adam Gase Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
NY Jets, Adam Gase Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The NY Jets reportedly still have no intention of firing head coach Adam Gase midseason.

The NY Jets know that they will eventually move on from their head coach. Adam Gase isn’t long for New York and there is a near-zero percent chance that he remains with the team into next season.

But even though the organization has already seemingly made up their mind about his future, it doesn’t appear as though any changes will be made anytime soon.

Reports have continued to surface insisting that the Jets have no intention of firing Gase midseason despite the Jets’ disastrous performance this season. And one more report came out on Saturday reinforcing that belief.

SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano reported this weekend that the Jets “really don’t want to” fire Gase in the middle of the season and they’ll likely look to exhaust every possible scenario before jumping to that conclusion.

Per Vacchiano, a source in the Jets’ organization had the following to say about Gase’s status in New York.

“They really don’t want to do it. They may have to, at some point. But they know a midseason coaching change doesn’t change their situation. I think they’re going to hold off as long as they can.”

The Jets know that Gase isn’t going to remain with the organization much longer, but they also don’t think that a midseason coaching change will accomplish anything.

Perhaps more importantly, there are incentives for the team to retain Gase.

The NY Jets have incentives to hang on to Adam Gase for the rest of the season.

Vacchiano insisted that Gase could be seen as a “lightning rod” to take some of the heat off ownership and general manager Joe Douglas who could be blamed for what seems to be a dud of a first offseason with the team.

Gase is going to be the fall guy, and the longer the stays with the team, the easier it is to place the blame solely on his shoulders.

Moreover, Vacchiano states that the lack of external pressure will likely allow Christopher Johnson to retain Gase longer than usual. Without any fans in the stands chanting “Fire Gase” and without having to worry about selling tickets, Johnson and the Jets are in somewhat of a protective bubble.

They don’t have to worry about the noise because they can just tune it out without repercussions.

This is added on to the fact that the Jets are awestruck with Trevor Lawrence and appear destined to land the No. 1 overall pick. The Jets might not be outright tanking, but they’re certainly aware of what is at stake.

It’s not that they believe Gase gives them a better chance of landing Lawrence — although that’s certainly an argument that could be made — it’s that there isn’t really a sense of urgency to fix the team’s issues.

Even if Gase is a problem, so what? The Jets aren’t going anywhere this season so why rush to fix things?

This is the current mindset of the Jets’ organization, at least according to Vacchiano and multiple other reports.

All of this means that Gase likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and he may even finish the season with the team.

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As much as Jets fans won’t want to hear that, it’s just the reality of the situation.