NY Jets: 3 things to improve before Week 7 game against the Buffalo Bills

NY Jets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

What do the NY Jets need to improve to find success against the Buffalo Bills in Week 7?

Here we go again NY Jets fans, staring into the abyss of another week of terrible football as the Jets have their second matchup of the year with the Buffalo Bills coming up this Sunday.

The 0-6 Jets will come into the game looking to at least be competitive with the 4-2 Bills, but it doesn’t look likely.

The Jets have been outplayed in every game, out-coached in every game, and are by far the worst team in football. The Bills, on the other hand, have looked pretty good overall despite losing their last two games.

The hopes of a Jets win this week are slim and there are many things to improve upon as a whole. But here are the three most important things the Jets need to improve upon before this week’s matchup with the Bills.

1. The NY Jets must improve their success on third-down

The Jets offense is bad. It just is. And bad offenses face a lot of third downs. Last week the Jets offense faced 17 third downs and converted just two of them. Shockingly, in a game when the Jets were held scoreless, they were only really able to sustain two drives.

That has to change. Now you could say that they have to be better on first and second down. This is also true, but we have to accept the Jets are going to be behind the chains more often than not. At the end of the day, the Jets need to convert more third downs.

Converting at just an 11.7 percent rate is just embarrassing. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the game was already out of reach that Gang Green was able to convert one of these. Just a terrible truth.

If the Jets are going to have any chance of beating the Bills, the offense has to score. The defense has not shown any ability to win games so the offense will have to carry. That means maintaining drives, converting on third downs, and winning the time of possession.

2. The NY Jets must limit big plays on defense

It’s no secret that Gregg Williams’ unit has struggled in recent weeks. When you are six weeks into the season and 24 points is the lowest point total you’ve given up, that is just awful.

This past week, the Jets were bitten by both long drives and big plays from the Miami Dolphins. I think that limiting the bigger plays is more important at this point because it also plays a factor in the team’s overall mentality.

Right now the team as a whole looks defeated. Like they have given up and at times you can’t blame them. This is a bad team. So in order for the Jets to mentally stay in the game and show some fight, they need to limit the big plays.

Big plays are just daggers to the heart of an entire team. At the end of the day, the defense will most likely surrender points. If they aren’t coming from big plays, the Jets may be able to keep themselves in the game long enough to give the Bills a headache.

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3. The NY Jets must improve their running back selection

This one is both for this week and the future. No one knows why Adam Gase keeps insisting on playing Frank Gore so much. Especially when they have La’Mical Perine just waiting on the sideline.

The rookie was supposed to be the future at that position, but he has not been given a legit chance. I’m all for using Gore a little bit, but especially without Bell on the team anymore, Perine needs to be the primary back.

For a guy in Gore who is well past his prime, who may not even be on the team next year to be getting the most touches out of the entire offense is a shame. It just shows how incompetent the coaching staff is.

We need a new sign of life from the offense. Perine can provide that. He is young, quick, brings a different type of game, and may just light a spark.

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That is really the only way for the Jets offense to get going on Sunday.