NY Jets: Studs, duds following Week 6 loss to the Miami Dolphins

NY Jets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets played more uninspiring football losing 24-0 to the Miami Dolphins in Week 6.

“Too easy.” The words of play by play announcer Andrew Catalon after the NY Jets surrendered their second touchdown of the day to the Dolphins. That just seems to be what it is for opposing teams, too easy.

After losing their sixth straight to fall to 0-6, the Jets are by far the worst team in the NFL. They have the worst point differential by a long shot and are also the only winless team remaining.

Not only are they the worst team currently in the league, but they’re on pace to set some historical levels of awfulness. The Jets are on track to break the NFL record for worst point differential.

And if things continue to go poorly, that might not be the only record that they set.

Things do not look bright for the Jets right now as this season is looking like a wash. At this point, it is all about Joe Douglas positioning the Jets to rebuild in the offseason. But they still have to play 10 more painful games this year.

Fortunately, they appear to have the inside track for the first overall pick — especially with every other team having won at least one game.

So let’s get into it. Here are the studs and duds from the 24-0 loss to the Dolphins on Sunday.

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NY Jets
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Stud: Breshad Perriman, WR, NY Jets

It seems like every week there is one receiver that actually has a good day. It’s a weird thing considering the offense as a whole doesn’t really work. However, there is once again one receiver that stood out.

For the first time this season, Breshad Perriman showed up. One of the newer options for the Jets’ quarterbacks to throw to was supposed to be a part of the replacement effort for Robby Anderson.

Up until this point we haven’t seen much of him in large part due to injury. But he actually had a good game down in South Beach.

Perriman hauled in four receptions for 62 yards. While those numbers aren’t overwhelming, considering how much the offense struggled as a whole, that is pretty impressive.

He averaged over 15 yards per catch which will get the job done at the end of the day. While we’d like for him to grab even more passes, it will do for now.

Dud: Vyncint Smith, WR, NY Jets

Especially when compared to Vyncint Smith. Smith returned to the lineup this week and really did not have any positive impact. If anything it was negative.

He was non-existent within the offense. Granted he’s not a huge piece and that’s partly on Adam Gase, but he provided nothing within the passing game. It was on special teams where Smith really failed the team.

Starting with the return game, Smith made one kick return, which he muffed, then only got out to the seven-yard line where he was met by many Dolphins. This was just so bad because it set a struggling offense back, to begin with.

On the other side, he was a gunner on punt coverage and failed to down a kick that realistically could have been downed inside the five. Instead, Smith failed at this as well and the ball bounced into the endzone for a touchback.

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NY Jets
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Stud: Braden Mann, P, NY Jets

Speaking of punts, I really do not know how I’ve gone this far into the season without mentioning Braden Mann. He has been phenomenal in his punter role and he’s needed to be because the Jets punt a lot.

This week he was forced to punt 10 times. I’ll say that again because it is very sad and really hard to believe. This week the Jets were forced to punt 10 times.

Mann punted for a total of 462 yards good for an average of 46.2 yards per punt. While he did not down one within the 20, a big part of that is because he was punting from his own goal line a lot in this game.

It is also worth noting that Mann has the ability to tackle. He did it in this game and did it in the Denver Broncos game so it’s always nice to see the punter laying someone out.

Dud: Joe Flacco, QB, NY Jets

Now for the man who caused Mann to punt so much, Joe Flacco was an absolute dud on Sunday. Granted he is a backup quarterback at this point, but for a veteran like Flacco to not be able to get this team on the scoreboard is terrible.

Flacco finished 21-of-44 for 186 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. Flacco also had a QBR of 11.1. That is just terrible, this really shows how bad he is.

Flacco also just showed no awareness. Multiple times under pressure he ran backward and eventually got tackled for a large loss.

Hopefully Sam Darnold will be back for the Buffalo Bills game next Sunday or else the team will play even worse than they are already expected to play.

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NY Jets
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Stud: Marcus Maye, S, NY Jets

Did you see that? Did you see that? Oh my goodness! That was amazing!

These were the only words that came to my head after Marcus Maye’s interception on Sunday. He went up, bobbled the ball, pinned it to his backside, and held on for the interception

This was really the only highlight of the entire game. It may have been the first time this season that a play the Jets made was posted by someone other than the Jets on social media to highlight it.

Maye also contributed two tackles on the day so while he wasn’t making all the plays we are accustomed to, Maye made an impact with the turnover. Which is why he’s a stud for the week.

Dud: Adam Gase, HC, NY Jets

Once again we close things out by talking about what Adam Gase did wrong this week. The team is 0-6, they are undisciplined, Gase has ruined relationships with yet another star and he refuses to use his new young running back.

I do not understand why this man won’t let La’Mical Perine get more touches. His obsession with Frank Gore is quite upsetting considering Perine is supposed to be the future at this position. I just don’t get it.

There is also the terrible look of Gase sitting on the bench during the game. I don’t care whether you are an offensive coach, if you are the head coach of a football team, you need to watch the entire game.

NY Jets: 3 internal replacements for Adam Gase in the short-term. Next

This is just another bad look for the Jets at the hands of Adam Gase. The sooner he is gone the better for the team, but at this point, the team is so bad I don’t know how much good it would actually do.