NY Jets receive schedule changes, will play Miami Dolphins next week

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The NY Jets’ 2020 schedule has been changed as they will now play the Dolphins in Week 6.

The NY Jets were set to travel out west to take on the Los Angeles Chargers next week. Instead, they’ll be saving their trip to Los Angeles until later in the year and traveling to a different location in Week 6.

As a result of ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks affecting a couple of NFL teams at the moment, the league has had to do quite a bit of schedule shuffling — and that hasn’t only impacted those dealing with the outbreaks.

The Jets are one of many teams whose schedule has now been altered as a result. And that alteration will affect them as soon as next week as instead of traveling to Los Angeles, the Jets will take a trip down to South Beach to face off with the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets were originally supposed to play the Dolphins in Week 10 followed by a bye week before returning home in Week 12 to face the Dolphins again. It was an odd schedule quirk, but now it’s one that no longer exists.

The NFL has moved the first Dolphins game up to Week 6 (next week) while pushing the bye week up seven days to Week 10 and moving the Chargers game back to Week 11. The Jets’ Week 12 meeting with the Dolphins has remained unchanged.

This might not be the only time the NY Jets’ schedule changes this season.

Of course, this is all temporary. As we’ve seen with the NFL this season, flexibility is of the utmost importance and there’s a decent chance that these aren’t the final alterations that are made to the Jets’ schedule.

But at least for now, this is how the team will be proceeding.

These changes come following additional positive tests from both the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans organizations on Sunday. Other teams such as the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Kansas City Chiefs also had their schedules affected as a result.

The Jets aren’t alone, but fortunately, it’s not as if this should negatively impact them in any way.  Fresh off another lethargic loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5, the Jets need to make some changes.

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But these aren’t exactly the changes that we’re alluding to.