NY Jets Roundtable: Will Gang Green win a game this season?

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The NY Jets are winless through four weeks, but could they actually finish the season 0-16?

The NY Jets have looked like the worst team in the NFL through four weeks — and it really hasn’t been close. Apart from brief glimpses of competence, the Jets have hardly even looked competitive to this point.

Three straight blowout losses to the likes of the Buffalo Bills (ignore the final score, this was a blowout), San Francisco 49ers, and Indianapolis Colts began the year followed by a Week 4 letdown against the Denver Broncos on national television.

This was a Broncos team that was also 0-3 playing with the deck stacked against them and starting an undrafted quarterback who had thrown eight career passes prior to the game. They still won by multiple scores.

Yes, the Jets are just that bad. And it has people wondering when or if they will win their first game of the season. The Jets have one of the hardest remaining schedules in the NFL raising doubts over whether they will actually win a game.

Despite their difficult upcoming slate of games, surely they can’t go 0-16, right? That’s the question we posed to our staff here at The Jet Press.

Will the Jets actually win a game this season? It seems rather pessimistic to even be asking this question, but it’s hard to argue that it’s not a valid inquiry at this stage.

Let’s take a look at what each of us had to say.

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1. Justin Fried: Will the NY Jets win a game in 2020?

It is nearly impossible to predict that a team actually goes 0-16. It’s a feat that has only been accomplished twice in NFL history, first by the 2008 Detroit Lions and later by the 2017 Cleveland Browns.

But on the surface, the Jets look just as bad if not worse than those two teams over the course of their first four games.

The Jets looked completely inept through the first three weeks of the season and really didn’t show any signs of competitiveness in any of those games.

They managed to show a little spark against a bad, injury-riddled Broncos team playing on the road on a short week, but they still only scored one offensive touchdown courtesy of a fluky 46-yard Sam Darnold run.

This Jets team is bad — really bad. But are they bad enough to go 0-16? Honestly, it’s very possible.

The Jets have one of the hardest remaining schedules and it’s difficult to pinpoint a winnable game. Perhaps they could win one of their two games against the Miami Dolphins. Maybe they could steal a win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

But even then, both of those teams are significantly better than the Jets are.

Not to mention the fact that it seems as though head coach Adam Gase will remain with the organization through the end of the season. There are few reasons for optimism and many more for pessimism.

So while it may seem a bit reactionary, I can’t bring myself to predict a Jets victory. Anything could happen, but it seems very possible that they do, in fact, finish 0-16 and repeat history in the process.

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2. Tyler Capossela: Will the NY Jets win a game in 2020?

This is a question many Jets fans aren’t exactly fond of reading this early into the season, but here we are. I personally do believe the Jets will win one game this season.

This win will come in Week 12 versus the Miami Dolphins at home. The Dolphins, at this specific point in the year, will likely be featuring the fifth overall pick, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, under center.

The rookie quarterback will likely struggle some as he gets acclimated with the speed of the NFL, and the Jets should be able to overwhelm an offense, ran by a 22-year-old, that wasn’t exactly spectacular heading into 2020.

Now, it may be a stretch to think the Jets, who got embarrassed on Thursday Night Football by an undrafted rookie quarterback, would be able to upset any team at this moment.

It can’t get any worse for the green and white, with that said, all they can go from here is up. I do believe many will see slight improvement from the Jets moving forward.

Will it be enough improvement to win a game? Only time will tell.

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3. Mike Mitchell: Will the NY Jets win a game in 2020?

It’s safe to assume that the Jets won’t repeat what they did last season. That is, starting at 0-4 and then winning seven of their last 12 games. With an expanded playoff field in 2020, that type of finish would, in theory, put a team in contention for a wild card spot.

On the surface, it appeared that there was a benefit to last season’s strong finish. The Jets created hope that its franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold, surrounded by the right pieces, could take the next step working with head coach Adam Gase.

A lot has changed since that false glimmer of hope. Darnold’s best weapon from last season, Robby Anderson is excelling in Carolina, and the team’s best overall player Jamal Adams is gone.

To make matters worse, Sam Darnold is headed to the shelf for a while with an injured right throwing shoulder.

What benefit is there now to the Jets turning things around and winning a few games? Obviously, losing is hard on the players like future Hall of Fame running back Frank Gore.

The look on his face at the end of the Jets 37-28 loss to Denver will be etched in my memory for a long time. But the team is better off losing as many games as possible for its long-term future — one that will not include many of the coaches and players currently on the team.

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It’s a depressing state of affairs all around for the NY Jets and its fanbase.

One could play devil’s advocate and say that the Jets offense, if Darnold is back healthy, could be improved the rest of the way with Le’Veon Bell and its top receivers like Breshad Perriman and Denzel Mims returning to the lineup.

Still, New York has one of the least talented rosters in all of football. On both sides of the ball. If the team wins a game, it will have to be one they steal as an underdog.

I’ll take the plunge and proclaim that the Jets will find a way to win one game this season. On paper, the best bet for that is in Weeks 12 and 13 at home against Miami or Las Vegas.

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NY Jets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

4. Sam Stolz: Will the NY Jets win a game in 2020?

As tough as it is to find any wins on the Jets’ upcoming schedule, it’s still unlikely that they pull off the dreaded 0-16, reverse perfect season.

If we take a look at NFL history, only twice has a team gone 0-16 in the Super Bowl era. The Detroit Lions did it once in 2008, and more recently, the Cleveland Browns in 2017.

While all signs point to the Jets failing to win a single game this year, history suggests they will find a way to sneak in at least one.

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Whether it’s one of the two Miami games, or maybe Week 17 against the New England Patriots if they are resting their starters, the Jets should add at least one ‘W’ to the win column.

Vegas currently has the Jets win total at over/under three wins with the odds favoring the under (-150). As tempting as it is to bet the house on the under after looking at the remainder of their schedule, remember, this is the NFL and crazier things have happened.

Back in 1992, the San Diego Chargers were the first and last team in NFL history to make the playoffs after starting 0-4. With that said, the Jets are 99.99 percent sure to miss the playoffs this year.

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However, going 0-16 is basically just as difficult as going 16-0 — it just doesn’t happen very often. Despite how bleak things look right now for New York, fans should not expect them to finish the season without picking up one win at the very least.