NY Jets: 3 predictions for the 2020 NFL Draft class

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NY Jets

NY Jets (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

The NY Jets will hope to see their 2020 NFL Draft class make a big impact this season.

NY Jets‘ general manager Joe Douglas entered his first offseason with the organization knowing that a substantial overhaul was needed. And while previous regimes might have turned to free agency to accomplish such, Douglas took a different path.

The first-year GM spent modestly on the open market and instead focused his attention on building through the draft.

Typically, that’s how the NFL’s best teams are often built. However, you obviously need to hit on your picks for the strategy to be effective.

Plenty of teams have attempted to build through the draft only for those picks to become complete whiffs. It’s a common occurrence and one that Douglas will be hoping to avoid.

A lot is riding on the Jets’ 2020 NFL Draft class, both for Douglas and the organization. After years of lackluster drafting, the Jets need this nine-player class to have a large impact not only in year one but in the future as well.

The success of this class will be directly tied to the success of both Douglas as a GM and the Jets’ franchise over the next couple of years. And in 2020, we should get an initial idea of how this group of rookies might perform.

An unorthodox offseason has presented a unique challenge for the NFL’s rookies this year. But with no time for excuses, these players must step on to the field and perform as if they had gone through the typical offseason process.

What should Jets fans expect from their 2020 rookie class this season? Let’s take a look at three modest predictions for Douglas’ first crop of rookies.

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