NY Jets: Gregg Williams says Jamal Adams ‘might get bored’ in Seattle

NY Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

NY Jets’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said that Jamal Adams ‘might get bored’ in Seattle.

NY Jets‘ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and former Jets safety Jamal Adams are cut from the same cloth.

They’re bombastic, braggadocious, and boastful. Neither holds back whether it be with Williams’ no-nonsense approach to coaching or Adams’ physical, take-no-prisoners approach on the field.

And for that reason, there always seemed to be a mutual respect between the two cornerstones of the Jets’ defense. Even with Adams’ departure, Williams has spoken highly of the All-Pro safety.

But when speaking to reporters on Thursday, he made sure to send a little parting jab his way in light-hearted fashion. No, he didn’t diminish Adams’ skill set, but he did make sure to give a little “you didn’t know how good you had it” sort of message.

“Jamal may get bored there because they don’t use their safety-type things with all the complexities … maybe not showing what they’re doing as much as we do.”

That quote sends off legitimate Anna Kendrick vibes — “you’re gonna miss us when you’re gone.”

Is the NY Jets’ defense under Gregg Williams more complex than Seattle’s defense?

Seattle is famous for their Cover 3 defense that cultivated the “Legion of Boom” and has led the organization to years of superb defensive play. But while the system is outstanding, it’s relatively straight-forward.

Unlike Williams’ scheme that disguises blitz packages and runs various different fronts, Seattle typically opts for a similar look the majority of the time. There are no bells and whistles — just man-versus-man football.

So in that respect, sure, I suppose Williams is correct in his assertion. But at the same time, it’s not as if “being bored” was ever a worry of someone like Kam Chancellor who filled the same role Adams will be filling.

Adams should fare just fine in the Seahawks’ system. In fact, there are few destinations that were more appealing to Adams’ skill set than Seattle.

Nonetheless, this is likely nothing more than a playful jab at a player who Williams still admires greatly. Adams will likely go on to find plenty of success with his new team while Williams will do his best to replace his former best player.

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And given the job that he did last year, it’s safe to say that the Jets’ defense remains in good hands.