NY Jets: Joe Douglas has been the right GM for the job

NY Jets (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
NY Jets (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

NY Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas has proved that he can elevate an organization out of dysfunction.

When current NY Jets general manager Joe Douglas was hired by the Jets a year ago, his job was to simply prove he’s not like the others. As Jets fans surely can recall, the team hasn’t had the best front-office management over the past decade, as that’s probably saying it lightly.

The John Idziks and Mike Maccagnans of the world have come and gone for an organization whose fan base hasn’t had confidence in the team’s ability to do adequate business, until now.

Joe Douglas can change the narrative. He has what it takes to prove to Jets fans that he won’t just be another one-and-done.

If one follows the team closely, it’s easy to feel a sense of relief whenever Douglas speaks at a routine press conference, or at the NFL Combine. He has a certain charisma that many can tell has come over the players and staff who speak highly of Douglas on a frequent basis.

What Joe Douglas has done so far provides hope for NY Jets fans.

Douglas’ accomplishments as a general manager thus far haven’t proved that he’s a fortified star veteran, but they should give those hope who haven’t felt this sort of comfort from anyone leading the Jets in a while.

While we won’t know how Douglas’ first draft as a general manager turns out for at least another three years, we do know that there was an excitement on draft night that fans probably haven’t felt since the Mike Tannenbaum era.

With Douglas heading down the offensive line route in Round 1, snagging a receiver in Round 2, and planning for the future with multiple offensive picks later on, exhilaration should already be running through Jets fans’ veins.

Joe Douglas’ methodical steps through the free-agency process also gave fans a sense of relief rather than casting large sums of money towards players who were a step out of their prime.

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While we sit here in the middle of July wondering if the season will even start on time, one thing’s for certain — Joe Douglas’ team will be ready.