NY Jets: 3 notable QB’s who ‘technically’ played for Gang Green

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NY Jets

NY Jets (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

We take a look at three former quarterbacks who “technically” played for the NY Jets.

The NY Jets have had some notable players suit up for the green and white throughout their history. But while everyone remembers guys like Joe Namath and the Darrelle Revis, there are undoubtedly a few names that get tossed aside and discarded.

It’s always fun to reminisce. But what about reminiscing about stuff you don’t even remember?

That’s the peculiar exercise we’re set to partake in today and in the coming weeks where we’ll be discussing some of the more forgotten members of Gang Green.

These players will have earned their “fame” elsewhere but their career journies featured a short stint with the Jets that most will have long forgotten by now.

Now, let’s set some guidelines real quick. The term “played for” will include players who didn’t actually play in a game for the team. But if they were under contract with the Jets at any point (offseason, practice squad, etc.), they’re fair game.

Moreover, a player will qualify if they are notable enough that a good portion of NFL fans will recognize the name for one reason or another. Who’s going to determine their degree of notoriety?

Me, I will — this isn’t exactly a scientific study nor is it intended to be.

With that, let’s take a look at three notable NFL quarterbacks who “technically” played for the Jets.

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