NY Jets: ‘No traction’ for a Jamal Adams trade with the Dallas Cowboys

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NY Jets (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

NY Jets safety Jamal Adams won’t be going to the Dallas Cowboys anytime soon

NY Jets safety Jamal Adams continues to dominate the headlines after rumors emerged of a possible “impasse” in extension negotiations last week.

That “impasse” has led many to speculate that a potential trade could be in the works if the two sides failed to reach an agreement. However, recent reports seem to indicate that this isn’t the case.

Ian Rapoport went on NFL Network today to discuss the possible trade rumors regarding the Jets’ superstar safety. He indicated that there was currently “no traction for a Cowboys trade for Jamal Adams” and that no trade seemed imminent.

Rapoport also reiterated what’s been reported in recent days that the Jets absolutely want to extend Adams and that they want him to be a part of the long-term future, but that they can’t given the current situation.

What does this mean for the NY Jets?

Essentially, this confirms what we already knew.

The Jets want to extend Adams, but they don’t feel that it’s wise to do that now. The fate of the 2020 NFL season is still unknown and it’s unclear what effect the impact of playing games without fans could have on the salary cap.

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Adams, on the other hand, feels that he deserves an extension and is likely a little annoyed that the Jets mislead him into thinking an extension would be agreed to this offseason. Obviously, plans changed, and it’s hard to blame the Jets for that.

Perhaps the important information that Rapoport detailed here is that the Cowboys can’t really make a trade work. First, they would have to figure out their current situation with quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott is currently signed to a franchise tag for the 2020 season, but if Dallas wanted to afford Adams, they would have to first sign Prescott to a long-term deal — on top of the extension they would give to Adams.

That doesn’t seem likely now or anytime in the near future.

But Rapoport seemed to indicate that the reasons the Jets have for not wanting to extend Adams are the same reasons other teams would have as well. The Jets’ stance isn’t an unreasonable one and it’s likely shared by most of the league.

Big-money extensions simply aren’t happening right now. And for that reason, a trade seems more and more unlikely.

Unless a team was willing to not only give up premium assets for Adams, but sign him to a hefty long-term extension in the midst of the most unstable cap situation the NFL has faced in years, then it makes little sense for the Jets to trade him.

For Adams who simply wants his well-deserved payday, this is obviously disappointing. But it’s the reality of the situation.

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Based on recent reports, don’t expect a Jamal Adams trade in the near future unless another team is willing to make the bold, financially-risky move that the Jets won’t.