NY Jets: Will the team re-sign or decline Trevor Siemian?

NY Jets, Trevor Siemian (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Trevor Siemian (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The NY Jets didn’t get to see very much of quarterback Trevor Siemian last season, and with his contract set to expire, will the team opt to bring him back in 2020?

The NY Jets made a concerted effort to bring in a reliable backup quarterback for Sam Darnold in 2019 with the signing of former Denver Broncos starter Trevor Siemian in free agency.

Unfortunately, Siemian’s season was cut short before it ever really started.

Once it was announced that Darnold would miss time dealing with a case of mononucleosis, Siemian was given the reigns to the offense. No one really knew what to expect with Darnold out, but Jets fans at least took solace in knowing that an experienced former starter was taking over.

And then Siemian was knocked out in the first half and the rest was history. Luke Falk took over and struggled in his first taste of NFL action while Siemian’s broken ankle landed him in the injured reserve.

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It was a disappointing situation and what that only piled on to the Jets’ growing injury woes. Who knows what happens if Siemien doesn’t get injured.

He likely wouldn’t have been the team’s savior, but he certainly would have fared better than the inexperienced Falk did.

Now a free agent once again, will the Jets look to give Siemian another shot?

Should the Jets re-sign him?

Trevor Siemian has gotten a bad rap throughout this whole situation. The 28-year-old may not be a viable starting option, but he’s one of the more proven backups in the league and an excellent option to play behind Darnold.

Things didn’t work out in 2019 and there’s been talk of upgrading the backup quarterback position. But the stroke of misfortune that the Jets encountered couldn’t have been accounted for.

Siemian is a very dependable backup — and it’s pretty hard to fault the Jets for not having a reliable third-string. That said, it’s worth exploring other options in free agency.

Case Keenum is an intriguing name that’s been throw around. If he were to want to come to New York for relatively cheap, he’d be a fantastic choice for the backup role and probably an upgrade over Siemian as well.

But if not, Siemian might just be the best option available.

Will the Jets re-sign him?

This is where things get a little tricky.

Siemian is an excellent player to serve as both a mentor and reliable backup to Darnold. But given what transpired last season, the Jets may be more than willing to move on.

Sure, he has plenty of starting experience under his belt, but he’ll be coming off a major ankle injury which always complicates the issue.

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But even more important to remember is that Siemian was not the choice of the current regime. General manager Joe Douglas wasn’t the one who signed the former Northwestern standout in free agency.

That was Mike Maccagnan.

Douglas may want to bring in his own guy and start fresh at the backup quarterback position. If that’s the case, Siemian may be looking for a new employer next season.

There’s still a chance that Siemian returns, but given the nature of the situation, it seems more likely that the Jets let him walk despite the fact that he’s one of their best options.

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That’s just the reality of the situation.

Odds of re-signing: 30%