New York Jets: Sam Darnold approaches Adam Gase to make changes to offense

New York Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold approached head coach Adam Gase before the Miami Dolphins game and asked to make changes to the offense.

On Monday morning, The Athletic’s Connor Hughes reported that New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold approached head coach Adam Gase to discuss the future of the offense.

Hughes had the following to say about Gase finally adapting his scheme to better fit Darnold’s strengths.

“Darnold had enough, kept quiet for far too long. So he sat his coach down. He requested they go over the playbook”

Hughes reports that Darnold told Gase what he likes, and what he doesn’t. What schemes the players think work, and what schemes they don’t.

This is a big step for a young quarterback. It takes maturity from a 22-year-old to suggest changes to an NFL head coach’s gameplan.

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Since Darnold’s meeting with Gase, the Jets have scored 88 points in three games. In their previous seven games, the Jets scored a grand total of 78 points.

They scored more points in less than half the games.

Over the three-game span, Darnold has completed 66 percent of his passes (65-of-99), with seven total touchdowns to two interceptions. Of the two INT’s, one was the result of a questionable overturned touchdown to tight end Ryan Griffin.

Regardless, the point stays the same. The Jets offense has been much improved since Darnold sat Gase down to talk offensive scheme.

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The Jets now sit at 3-7 after defeating the lifeless Washington Redskins. The playoffs are almost completely out of the picture. What Jets fans should look forward to, however, is progression from their key players.

This is following a concerning amount of player regression from weeks 1-8. All things considered, the season would not be a lost cause if the offense fires on all cylinders here on out. Rather, it would be a showcase for what the Jets could potentially be next season.

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Something worth noting is that the Jets have especially clicked on the opening drives of the game. On their last four opening drives, Sam Darnold has thrown for 277 yards and four touchdowns while completing 92 percent of his passes (24-of-26).

It’s fair to question if this can partly be credited to the meeting held between Darnold and Gase.

In his post-game press conference, Darnold credited the win to head coach Adam Gase. Whether or not Gase is the guy the Jets need at head coach, it’s encouraging to see the Jets’ franchise quarterback supporting him when he gets the chance to.

The Jets play the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, and Miami Dolphins in their next three games before matching up with the Baltimore Ravens. It is imperative that the Jets continue to see positive development from their offense in these three games.

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So far, it looks as though Darnold had some very beneficial ideas for Gase, a so-called “offensive guru,” to use.