New York Jets embarrass themselves in Quincy Enunwa conundrum

NY Jets, Quincy Enunwa (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
NY Jets, Quincy Enunwa (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Quincy Enunwa revealed that the New York Jets fined him for missing injury treatments, and he was rightfully unhappy with how it was handled.

On Thursday, Quincy Enunwa joined the club as the newest New York Jets player to be at odds with the front office for how they handle his injury and his treatments.

He joins Kelechi Osemele and Luke Falk to be the third player this season to have had issues with the way the Jets have treated their injured players.

The Jets fined Enunwa $29,800, the max amount, for missing treatments twice earlier in November. Enunwa hasn’t played since Week 1 after suffering the second season-ending neck injury of his career. It was likely that Enunwa would consider retirement considering the severity of his injuries and how things can get even worse.

Despite the injury, Enunwa remained professional, hardworking, and devoted to the team, showing the class that he has always held himself at with the Jets.

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Enunwa has always been a selfless professional throughout his whole career, and even earned a nomination for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award for his incredible character.

That being said, seeing Enunwa come out and bash the organization is shocking.

With him not being the first or even second player to be publicly upset with the Jets’ handling of injured players is a very bad look for the organization itself. For it to come from a class act like Quincy Enunwa makes things even worse.

Enunwa had missed the treatments for more than credible reasons. He went on a Veteran’s Day lunch with his wife (who’s a military veteran) and had to handle a family emergency.

He did admit that he didn’t tell the Jets these things prior to missing treatments, however, the Jets fining him before even giving him a phone call to ask what happened is utterly pathetic.

Here is a full thread of his story, via Twitter.

I normally chill on putting issues on twitter, but this doesnt sit right with me.

— Quincy Enunwa (@QuincyEnunwa) November 15, 2019

Adam Gase didn’t say much about the debacle in his press conference on Friday. Gase said that the Jets will handle the issue in-house. He took a little shot at Enunwa, saying “We handle our stuff in-house. Some people choose to use social media. There’s probably a reason they’re doing that”.

Seriously, Adam? There is indeed a reason the players take to social media to bring these issues to the public. Gase and the rest of the Jets’ organization have handled these matters terribly on several occasions and refuse to correct their mistakes.

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Gase also said that he had not seen Quincy Enunwa, so he hadn’t spoken to him about it yet. He said the same thing over and over again during Osemele’s war with the team.

How is this even possible?

The head coach and leader of the team couldn’t find the time to walk down the hall and speak to Enunwa? Come on now. He’s clearly losing the respect of his players, and that’s courtesy of some pretty obvious reasons.

You’d think the Jets would lighten up a little bit after the huge Osemele mess, but they continue to find ways to hurt themselves in this regard. Not only are the Jets’ players taking notice, but other teams’ players (especially upcoming free agents) are noticing this too.

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Who would want to come to New York after seeing how they handled these matters? What will Joe Douglas, Christopher Johnson, Adam Gase and the rest of the staff tell a free agent when they inevitably ask about this?

If Enunwa was set to return this season and the Jets were looking to get him back for an extra boost, maybe this makes sense. The Jets are a 2-7, bottom-three team in football punishing its players without any regard for their opinion or reasoning.

This isn’t exactly a great selling point for future free agents.

The Jets have been an utter embarrassment this season in every way possible. Going in with legitimate expectations to turn around the franchise and being terrible is one thing.

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But you can’t even treat your injured players, right? Get it together.