New York Jets blown out by the lowly Miami Dolphins in utter humiliation

New York Jets (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
New York Jets (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets suffered perhaps their worst loss of the season falling to the previously winless Miami Dolphins by a final score of 26-18.

The New York Jets are the worst team in the NFL. If that wasn’t already abundantly clear prior to Sunday’s game it is now.

The Jets fell to the previously 0-7 Miami Dolphins by a final score of 26-18 in a game that never really felt like they had a shot. Again, this was against the second-worst team in the NFL and the Jets were simply embarrassed.

The final score isn’t indicative of how the game truly played out as a garbage-time field goal and some late-second-half shenanigans that handed the Jets five free points made this a one-score game on paper.

But this was no one-score game on the field.

The Jets were embarrassed by Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins in a game that made it very clear what needs to be done. There need to be changes with the coaching staff and that starts with the man calling himself the head coach.

Adam Gase has driven this franchise into the ground through only eight games. Sam Darnold has regressed. The offensive line has regressed. The entire team has regressed.

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The Jets franchise is an absolute trainwreck and people must be held accountable. And at this point, waiting until the end of the season doesn’t seem like a reasonable request.

Darnold’s progression is being halted by a disgrace of an offensive line and a coaching staff in over their heads. And before long, we may have another David Carr case on our hands.

The defense was embarrassed by a Dolphins offense ranked among the worst in the NFL. This game made it abundantly clear once again that the cornerbacks are the biggest concern with the defense — apart from injuries.

Let’s be clear for a moment, this isn’t entirely on Gase. Football is too complicated of a sport to blame everything on one person — especially when a team’s issues run as deep as the Jets.

The roster is poorly constructed and injuries have decimated what wasn’t a deep roster, to begin with. But Gase is clearly not the man for the job and it’s difficult to look at the offensive line’s and quarterback’s struggles and not blame the coaching staff.

The Jets are broken and even a coaching change won’t fix things. But it would be a darn good start to what very well could be a complete overhaul.

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Pray for Sam Darnold and pray for Jets fans.