Exclusive interview with Jets linebacker Harvey Langi

BOSTON, MA - MAY 16: New England Patriots Harvey Langi visits with Evan (L) and Zachary at Boston Children's Hospital on May 16, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for Boston Children's Hospital)
BOSTON, MA - MAY 16: New England Patriots Harvey Langi visits with Evan (L) and Zachary at Boston Children's Hospital on May 16, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for Boston Children's Hospital) /

The Jet Press teamed up with Verizon to interview New York Jets linebacker Harvey Langi as part of their “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here” campaign.

Second chances.

They’re something we’ve likely all received at some point in our lives whether it’s something as trivial as a school/work assignment or something as significant as asking for forgiveness.

But very few of us have ever been given a second chance at life.

For Harvey Langi, that’s just what happened to him one fateful October night in 2017.  You may not know his name or his narrative, but Langi has one of the most incredible stories out of any player in the NFL.

Langi and his wife, Cassidy, were driving home on the night of Friday the 13th when their car was rear-ended by an oncoming SUV while they remained stationary at a stoplight. The injuries and damages were severe but fortunately, each of them was able to survive.

The BYU graduate is one of 12 NFL players, along with fellow New York Jet De’Angelo Henderson, who will be a part of Verizon’s “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here.” The campaign looks to spotlight a dozen NFL players who experienced life-changing situations and the first responders who saved their lives.

You can learn more about the stories of Langi and the other 11 individuals by visiting allourthanks.com and about the campaign itself by visiting Verizon’s official website.

Langi’s story is one of redemption and triumph. But his story, and his wife’s for that matter, could have had a very different ending had it not been for the brave first responders who risked their lives to save another.

Special thanks to Verizon and Langi for taking the time to do this interview. With that, let’s jump into the incredible tale of Harvey Langi in his own words.

Senior Bowl Beginnings

JF: Hey Harvey, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with us.

HL: Hey it’s perfect, I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview with me so same to you.

JF: Alright then let’s jump in! Before we start talking about the whole Verizon campaign I did want to ask you one quick question. As you probably know the Senior Bowl practices are taking place this week. You made quite the impression a couple years ago when you sealed the victory for your team with the game-winning interception. Tell me what that feeling and the whole experience of Senior Bowl week was like for you?

HL: First off I was just super grateful but I didn’t really know too much about the whole process. After I finished up at BYU and I got the invitation I was just blown back and I like “wow!” All the hard work and everything paid off so it was a huge opportunity for me. It was an awesome experience to get to work with the guys I worked with over there and yeah it was a pretty fun weekend.

JF: Yeah absolutely! I’m sure it was great to experience it with your teammate Jamaal Williams and I’m sure the whole process was just great.

Aftermath of the Accident

JF: You end up going undrafted and sign on as a priority free agent with the New England Patriots. You play in your first game and even record your first career tackle. Less than a month later, your whole life changes. What was it like seeing your wife for the first time following the incident? Take me through the emotions you were feeling.

HL: It was tough from a mental perspective. When we were taken from the accident location they separated us and I didn’t get to see her for three days. They knew all the information and they contacted me telling me she was okay and all that so that brought ease. But of course, you want to be there for someone you love that is injured and I wanted to be there for my wife. Because going through football you get tweaks, bumps, and bruises so I knew that once I was conscious and understood the situation that I was fine. I’ve been through training and all the physical rehab every single year so my mindset was like “I’m fine, I know I’m breathing.” I would just hope and pray that she was fine. Of course, I just want to be there with her and do everything I can to assist and make her feel better. Seeing her was super emotional and I was so happy that someone got it on tape and it just put my heart and a lot of things at ease. She was right there, she’s fine, she’s smiling, she’s beautiful and everything is going to be fine.

JF: That’s awesome and I happened to see that video you mentioned and as you said it’s emotional. It really puts things in life into perspective.

*Below is the emotional video clip mentioned above*

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Friday the 13, 2017 was date night for Harv and me ?On our way home we stopped at the light to turn to our house, when all of a sudden a SUV rammed straight into us. I completely blacked out and don’t remember anything, while Harvey remembers seeing me, his wife, laying lifeless and gushing blood. It’s been 3 days since that moment and we were finally reunited. We have been in the hospital for a few days and still have a few days to go. We are so completely blessed to have each other to lean on through all of this craziness. We are so grateful for all of our family and friends who have taken the time to come visit us, reached out to us, prayed for us, and have shown us their love and support. Our hearts are completely full right now ❤️ I just want my husband Havea to know how blessed I am to be your wife. I know this is a huge trial we will be facing but I know we can get through this together, day by day. Thank you for always loving me and staying by my side through it all. I love you with all my heart babe ??

A post shared by Cassidy Lynn Langi (@cassidylangi10) on Oct 17, 2017 at 7:58am PDT

Returning to the Field

JF: You obviously missed the remainder of the season and went through extensive rehab to get back into playing condition. What did it mean for you to be able to step on the field during Patriots minicamp for the first time since that fateful day?

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HL: It meant everything. Just like a lot of NFL players, this is my passion, this is my love. I don’t know if reporting is your passion, I would assume it is, but football is my passion. And you get all these little side things like marketing and your brand name once you get to this level but football itself is the best part. Just playing the game and being out there with 21 other guys and just competing is everything that I love and have a passion for. At the moment when things happened, I didn’t really care, football wasn’t really on my mind. You know, my wife, my family, and my religion are things that are more important than football priority-wise for me, but football is in the top five for sure. It wasn’t really in my mind but the time I spent rehabbing to get back into football and finally getting to wear the full pads and go out there with the guys, that’s a day I’ll never forget. I remember grabbing a couple members of our training staff, Jim Whalen and a couple of his other staff buddies, and I would just hold on to their shoulders and look into their eyes and I would go “Hey Jim, can you believe you’re talking to me through a helmet again?” And they’re like “I can’t believe it” and then I went “Let’s Go!” and it was amazing.

JF: That’s incredible! It’s like the culmination of your entire rehab process and that’s just got to be an amazing feeling.

First Responder Appreciation

JF: If you could say one thing to the first responders that saved your life what would it be?

HL: I would say thank you and how much appreciation and love I have for them to go into that field where it’s all service and helping out others. And I would want to say all that times 10 or 100 or a million. These guys don’t really get all the credit they deserve. People don’t realize that it could be a hassle sometimes when an ambulance is coming down the street and you have to pull over but these guys are on their way to go help and save people. In one word I would probably just say blessed or loved but it’s a tough thing to put into words.

JF: Yeah I could only imagine! It’s such a surreal thing it’s got to put difficult to put into words.

HL: Yeah like how do you thank someone who all day, every day is out there trying to save lives? Anything you can say just feels like they’ve heard it over and over again.

JF: They’re heroes that’s for sure.

HL: Yeah they’re heroes and I’m super grateful and blessed for every one of them out there.

Super Bowl Prediction

JF: Alright last question and I got to ask you to end on a positive note. Who do you have winning the Super Bowl this year, Patriots or Rams?

HL: I’m going to go with the Patriots. I have a lot of respect for that organization and I have a lot of good friends over there coming from there. But, you know, I want the Jets to win the Super Bowl first. Basically, I have no ties to L.A. besides family out there and they’re all L.A. fans but I’m from Utah so I was always a Jazz fan and us Jazz fans never liked any Los Angeles teams.

JF: Oh yes I could see that. But come on man you’re a Jet now, you can’t be saying these things about the Patriots!

HL: Hey man it’s good for them and I hope they have a great game but when we go against them we’re going to try and take them down.

JF: Of course, of course. Nothing like a good old revenge game against your former team.

HL: Oh yeah, of course you want to beat them, you know what I mean? It should be fun. Good luck to both teams but next year we’re coming.

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JF: Absolutely next year is full-go! Alright, Harvey, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview man.

HL: Hey no problem, I appreciate you taking the time as well!