Todd Bowles breaks down DeAndre Hopkins

As the New York Jets prepare for a Saturday afternoon showdown at home against the Houston Texans, head coach Todd Bowles recently broke down what it will be like facing wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

It’s Week 15 of the regular season and the New York Jets are trying to finally win a football game in front of their home crowd. Fresh off a win that finally ended a long losing streak, the Jets are hoping to end the season on a high note as they prepare for a long offseason ahead.

For now, the Jets face a tough test against the visiting Houston Texans who are a playoff contending team. Currently 9-4 and on top of the AFC South, the Texans are clearly a more complete team and could very well run away with this one against the Jets.

Hopefully, the Jets are going to be competitive in this one as the odds are undoubtedly against them. Especially with star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins going up against a banged up Jets secondary.

As per the Media Relations Department of the Jets, even head coach Todd Bowles knows that Hopkins brings a lot to the table. Here is what he said makes it so difficult to cover Hopkins from a defensive point of view:

I think he’s it’s one of the few guys with a defensive mentality that plays offense. He goes after the football and he wants the football and he attacks the game like it’s supposed to be attacked. Guys like Steve Smith have done that, he’s one of those types of guys. Obviously, he’s talented, he’s athletic, he can do all those things but he attacks the game. His mindset is different than most receivers.

The Jets defense will have their hands full with Hopkins since he could potentially have a field day against this unit. If the Jets have any hope in leaving this game victorious, it will come down to all the little details, especially against key players.

Hopkins is one of them and will present a difficult test to the Jets defense that they can only hope to contain once game time is here. If the Jets can shock the football world by beating the Texans, it will likely be due to shutting Hopkins out of this game completely. It’s unlikely but all fans can hope is for it to be a reality on Saturday afternoon.

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