2017 NFL Draft Profile: Quarterback DeShone Kizer

In this 2017 NFL Draft profile, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of quarterback DeShone Kizer out of Notre Dame University.

Kizer is considered a top quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft from many analysts out there. Kizer has an NFL-ready skill set and has had strong performances with the exception of last season. The one problem with Kizer is that he doesn’t seem to standout with many teams.

For how big and tall Kizer is, he reminds many of Steve McNair. Kizer enters the draft at 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs in at 215 pounds. For how well McNair played and was a leader, Kizer provides the same attributes. He is able to move in the pocket and has a very strong arm.


Kizer is able to help out any organization with helping their offense become better. What was an interesting statistic is he excelled in three sports when most thought he played just football. Last he threw 2,925 yards and 26 touchdowns for the struggling Irish. He is a two-way threat in the red zone and he posted 18 rushing touchdowns over the last two seasons.

He looks the part of what a typical NFL quarterback should look like and is able to withstand punishment. When he’s getting into a game and starts to feel comfortable, Kizer is able to scan the field.


The downside to his game is he needs to learn how to lead receivers and throw to targets. He will take a certain amount of sacks despite having time to read the field and make the throw. He also gets stuck on the main receiver missing out on open field players.

He also holds onto the football a lot that he attempts too many pump fakes that lead to bad possessions. He shows horrific judgment that forces him to throw multiple interceptions at a time.


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Kizer will likely be drafted late in the first round, possibly early 2nd Round (25th-42nd) pick in this year’s draft. Kizer seems like he has the potential to be a very good player but he will need to fix some areas of his game. If he is able to be developed over time, he should be able to have a very productive NFL career.

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