NY Jets: Top 5 reasons why Robert Griffin III makes sense

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The NY Jets still don’t have a definitive situation at quarterback and may have to resort to another plan. RG3 could very well be everything they need and much more.

Robert Griffin III is looking for a new home and the Jets are looking to add a quarterback via free agency, so why not take a shot with the dynamic play-maker?  It makes sense.

Injuries have been a bit of a factor with Griffin, but he’s young, just 26-years-old and I believe he is more poised than ever for success in the NFL after riding the pine for the Washington Redskins’ 2016 campaign.

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With no definitive starting quarterback on the Jets, head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan have been exploring their options in free agency.  Over the weekend, Griffin extended his Friday night dinner with Bowles to a two-day visit with the Jets, which supposedly left them impressed.

Are the Jets going to make the move and sign RGIII or are they simply trying to turn up the pressure on last year’s quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick whose contract discussions have been at a stand-still for a week now?

Bottom line is they need to stop playing games with Fitzpatrick and just sign this kid.  Here are the top five reasons why Griffin makes sense for the Jets.

Next: 5. Geno Smith? Bryce Petty? Really?

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5.  Geno Smith? Bryce Petty? Really?

Let’s be real here.  Do Jet fans want Geno Smith back under center or is Bryce Petty even ready to take on the backup role, let alone become the starter of this team?

Smith has had his chance with the Jets.  In three seasons, two of which he was the Jets’ starting quarterback, he has thrown for 5,836 yards with 27 touchdowns and 35 interceptions, not to mention his low 57.9% career completion percentage.  Combine those statistics with his eight fumbles, and inability to make a read, decision, or throw the ball away instead of taking a 10-yard sack or running straight out-of-bounds.

You have to draw the line somewhere.  Don’t get me wrong, Smith has good arm talent, but you have to remember his terrible decision making skills and the fact that he’s an interception machine.

Petty on the other hand shows promise for New York, just not in the immediate future.  He has great ability to throw the ball, can move and escape the pocket when needed, decent with making reads but still needs some work all-around.  The Jets should not even make him their QB2 this season.  Let him sit back as their QB3 and continue to grow and learn.

Next: 4. The contract makes sense

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4.  The contract makes sense

Nobody is going to give Griffin a boatload of cash right now.  The Jets have been trying to land Fitzpatrick for $7 million per year, and he is asking much more than that.  They could almost certainly land Griffin for less than $7 million per year at this point, given the last couple years of his career.

In a perfect world the Jets could sign Griffin to a one-year deal, low-cost, limited salary cap strings and see what he has to offer.

New York should take a shot at him no matter what the scenario.  Fitzpatrick could keep contract talks going, could give up and retire, sign elsewhere, or sign with the Jets tomorrow.  Who knows when or what will happen.  Whether Griffin is to be signed as the intended starter for the Jets or even as the backup in which they could cut Smith, they need to get a deal done.

It’s imperative the Jets get this quarterback situation sorted out once and for all so they can finish up any final decisions in free agency and start working on their 2016 NFL Draft boards.

Next: 3. The kid has skill

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3. The kid has skill

We have seen Griffin in action, as he burst onto the scene in 2012 for the Washington Redskins.  As a rookie, he threw for 3,200 yards with 20 touchdowns and five interceptions, also adding 815 rushing yards and seven rushing touchdowns to the stat sheet.

In 2013 and 2014, he threw for 3,203 yards with 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions over 13 games, and 1,694 yards with four touchdowns and six interceptions over nine games, respectively.

He has his flaws and injuries to his knee and ankle have been a bit of an issue, but he did not get a fair shake, nor did he have a great surrounding cast in Washington.  In 2015, he did not play for Washington as Gruden decided to name Kirk Cousins their starting quarterback.

As previously stated, there is no doubt that he is more poised than ever for success in the NFL after sitting behind Cousins in 2016.  He is a natural leader, good decision maker, has a powerful arm, quick, elusive and smart on the field and off it.  With the talent the Jets have in Gailey’s offense, Griffin could help make New York a legitimate contender in 2016.

Next: 2. No other real options

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2.  No other real options

Say the contract discussion with Fitzpatrick goes absolutely nowhere and the Jets lose out on re-signing him; a very possible outcome at this point in time. What do the Jets do at starting quarterback?

Smith and Petty won’t put the Jets in the conversation to be a contender.  It is even best to cut Smith and sign Griffin with the best option for Petty is to continue learning at the QB3 slot on the sideline.  New York already lost out on bringing back Mark Sanchez, so that leaves us with a trade with Houston for Bryan Hoyer, a trade with San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick or guys like Johnny Manziel or Tavaris Jackson.  The market is slim.

Hoyer is nothing more than a backup quarterback.  He is 30-years-old and over eight seasons, has played for five teams.  If the Jets wanted a journeyman, they’d just sign Fitzpatrick.

And no, Kaepernick does not want to play for the Jets and there is little to no chance they will trade for him.  His contract is absurd, earing $19.1 million on average over the next five years.  For what?  There is not much of a high ceiling for Kaepernick.  So he made a couple playoff runs and a Super Bowl with a stacked defense.  Sanchez made it to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances.  Does he have a high ceiling and worth $19.1 million?  Didn’t think so, either.

Griffin has his flaws and injury history, but his age and the potential at the cost is what makes him appealing for the Jets.  They have nothing to lose and much to gain if he ends up playing like he did his rookie year.

Next: 1. A stalemate with Fitzpatrick

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1.  A stalemate with Fitzpatrick

The Jets want Fitzpatrick and he would love to be back in New York.  They have made him their top priority, and for good reason.  Fitzpatrick had a career year in 2015, passing Vinny Testaverde‘s Jet record for most touchdowns in a single season and earning the nickname “Fitzmagic.”  Despite the debacle in Buffalo in Week 17, he threw for 3,905 yards with 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Fitzpatrick was also a huge part in helping the tandem of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker surpass Randy Moss and Cris Carter‘s record for touchdowns by a wide receiver duo.

Unfortunately, discussions between Fitzpatrick and the Jets have been at a stalemate for a week now with no end results in sight.  The Jets reportedly offered $7 million per year and Fitzpatrick and his agent Jimmy Sexton wanting much, much more.

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Who can blame them?  After Sam Bradford‘s deal with Philadelphia worth $35 million over two years and Brock Osweiler‘s four year $72 million per year from Houston, you have to give it a shot.  Unfortunately, age and a full body of work has to be taken into account and Fitzpatrick will be 34-years-old in November. He has had limited consistent success as a journeyman throughout his career.  In the grand scheme of things, maybe the Jets should forget re-signing him if he wants more money and take a shot with Griffin.