NY Jets: Should they bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2016?


The NY Jets have had major success this season thanks to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is it enough to warrant his return after this season?

The Jets are a team that have surprised the entire fan base with the season they had thus far. Back in the off-season, the Jets were a team that were coming off an atrocious season which saw their coach fired and the team seemed as if it was in turmoil. The Jets coming into this season seemed to have the best defense and an okay offense.

They were lead by a general manager and head coach that have never been in their respective positions. The Jets were also starting a quarterback that was considered as a backup at best. All fans wanted was for the team to show improvement and to win more games than the last season which meant this new regime just needed to win more than four games to have most fans happy. However, still with all the improvements general manager Mike Maccagnan brought to the team, analysts and fans alike still doubted that Ryan Fitzpatrick could lead this team to a good season.

Now we are in Week 16 and the Jets have turned into a team that no one could imagine following such an abysmal season and it seems it revolves solely around our brand new quarterback. Fitzpatrick has come out and shocked fans and analysts alike. He has seemingly supplanted himself as the leader of the Jets.

He seemingly has brought together the best wide receiver tandem in the league and seemingly has outshined the defense that supposedly was going to be the reason the Jets would win. Fitzpatrick has been a team player and at times seems to be the one player on the roster with the most heart out of anyone.

He has become the quarterback that would do anything to bring his team a win. He has run the ball constantly when none of his receivers were open picking up first downs with almost every run he makes. He even willed the Jets to beat the Giants by converting a 4th and 6 by scrambling the second he saw he could make it.

Dec 19, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) hands off to running back

Chris Ivory

(33) during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

 The new question on everyone’s mind after watching Fitzpatrick lead this team to a record of 9-5 as of right now is “should the Jets bring FitzMagic back?” The easy answer to this question is “YES”, the Jets should definitely bring him back for the 2016 season.

As of right now, Fitzpatrick is on his way to breaking the record for most touchdowns in Jets franchise history and could have the most yards thrown since Chad Pennington. He also is the key player that has lead the Jets to have the best wide receiver tandem in football and is one of the major reasons the Jets have a record that no one would have believed in the off-season.

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Besides the obvious, Fitzpatrick is more than just a player for this team. From the very beginning, he has been a teacher for a player that the Jets organization sees as the possible future in Bryce Petty and has been one that has brought laughter and happiness to the locker room. You can even see that after the tough win against the Dallas Cowboys last Saturday, the team was still able to joke around.

While Ryan Fitzpatrick was being interviewed, Nick Mangold snuck up on him and scareed him, which prompted Fitzpatrick to jump around and laugh like a little kid. It was a sight that many Jets fans love to see. In the end, he has been one of the best additions to this Jets team and the organization would be making the worst decision in a long time by letting him leave.