NY Jets: Bill Parcells has bold message for Todd Bowles


As the NY Jets enter the most important stretch of the season for their playoff hopes, Bill Parcells gave head coach Todd Bowles a bold message from here on out.

Parcells is indeed one of the greatest NFL head coaches of all-time. Every single time Parcells entered a room, everyone knew he was highly respected and was always able to get the most out of his players at any given time throughout his legendary career. Bowles is part of the Parcells’ coaching tree and has so far, done a good job in his rookie season with the Jets.

Bowles without question listens to everything Parcells tells him as he goes through all the trials and tribulations of this season, but it’s particularly interesting to hear the kind of relationship both coaches have with each other. Thanks to the Media Relations Department of the Jets, here is what Bowles said about what they go through after each and every game during the NFL season:

On whether he buys into Bill Parcells’ theory that you have to coach your team harder for this kind of game and if that impacted his decision to have a padded practice…

I got that text right after the game (laughing). I understand what he’s saying. To a point you buy it, but to a point you have to be consistent with your team and do the same things that you’ve been doing. We don’t look at any game as a trap game, we look at it as the next game so we just have to take care of us.

On what Parcells’ text said…

He said everybody’s talking playoffs, just coach your team and worry about the next game.

On if any of Parcells’ texts stand out to him…

After losses, he has words of wisdom and after wins, he wants to press and keep going. The biggest thing he said in the middle of the season when we lost four-out-of-five was ‘Nobody remembers midseason losses, it’s how you finish.’ That one stuck out.

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This bold message about going about the rest of this important stretch one game a time from Parcells will most definitely give Bowles and the Jets some major motivation to take care of business. It won’t be easy but to finish strong is the name of the game and will definitely separate them from the rest.

Overall, it’s pretty impressive to see Parcells still have his thumbprint on the organization even after so many years from his departure. The way he’s molding Bowles for his bright future on the Jets is great considering it will go a long way as the foundation continues to be built.