NY Jets: Defeating Jaguars will restore overall confidence


With much on the line for the NY Jets, if they can defeat the upcoming Jacksonville Jaguars, it will truly restore their overall confidence to put the season back in a winning direction.

With back-to-back losses, the NY Jets are doing their very best to correct all their issues and go back to winning football games. Their hot start to the season seems like it was a distant memory as their latest loss thanks to the Oakland Raiders left them embarrassed and hurting.

Injuries are part of the game but regardless, shouldn’t be an excuse to play poor football. The Jets have assembled a good team that should be able to rise to any occasion but seemed flat last week against the Raiders. They lacked that aggression and lost a game they should have won if they stuck to their recipes of success of a potent ground game and a stout defense.

This is a crucial game for the Jets since well, losing three games in a row is a quick way to have a season start derailing. No offense to the Jaguars, while they’re a young and upcoming team, they’re 2-5 on the season and on paper should be no match against the Jets.

However, I’ve always believed in the mantra of “Any Given Sunday” as one never knows what could transpire on game day. Any team can show up and beat any team because that’s just how pro football is.

A big win here for the Jets would restore their overall confidence and put the season back on track. This is a game the Jets should win as they need to come out of the gates swinging and prove that they can indeed be worthy of being a true contender this season. Perhaps last week was an aberration by the Jets’ defense and the real version of this team shows up on Sunday.

Even head coach Todd Bowles had this to say about the current state of mind his Jets are in, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the team:

On if he senses the defense has a chip on its shoulder this week…

No, I mean we’ve been practicing with a chip on our shoulder. We try to get better every week and even though we try to get better, we had a bad week. It was a setback last week. We just get back to going this week. It didn’t shake the confidence of any. Guys are just practicing, focused on what they have to do and working hard.

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Overall, the Jets absolutely need to win this game as they’re no doubt putting in extra work to ensure victory. Not just for their wins and losses or to show they’re the superior team compared to the Jaguars but for their confidence that everything is going to be alright in 2015. Confidence breeds success in the grand scheme of it all.