NY Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick negligent with common sense


Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t quite understand why the NY Jets specifically told him to slide whenever he has the option to simply avoid injury. Now, he’s in a much different spotlight for all the wrong reasons

It’s common sense that if you’re a quarterback that is about to get hit beyond comprehension because you’re trying to get a first down, you slide. It helps protect some rather important parts of your body as a quarterback from your head, neck, shoulder and of course, your hands.

In what was the worst game of the season so far for the Jets in their 34-20 embarrassing loss to the Oakland Raiders, they were completely outplayed in almost every aspect of the game. The worst part was, it left the quarterback situation of the Jets one with a huge question mark around it.

Fitzpatrick is a Harvard graduate but his decision to not listen to his head coach when it was apparent they had several conversations about him sliding instead of taking the punishment was very negligent on his part. He should have known that he does indeed give the Jets the very best chances to win football games this season and should do his best to preserve his body all season long.

The fact that he didn’t think about doing the right thing by sliding when he went to get that first down against the Raiders was a terrible mistake on his end. Common sense would have been to slide, get the first down and continue going back to work. Instead, now he’s listed day-to-day

The latest injury update on Fitzpatrick isn’t promising. Thanks to the Media Relations Department of the Jets, here is what head coach Todd Bowles had to say about him as well as quarterback Geno Smith:

Yeah, he’s got ligament damage in his left thumb and eventually he’ll need to get it done. It’s a matter of a pain level, so he’ll be day-to-day. Geno (Smith) has a left shoulder bruise and he’ll be day-to-day as well, but it is a bruise. It’s a big bruise, but no structural damage there.

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Bowles also confirmed that Fitzpatrick will also need surgery to repair the ligament damage but that it won’t be required until some point later on. Bowles is waiting until practice this week to see how his pain tolerance is and of course, if he can still be effective under center.

Overall, I expected much more from Fitzpatrick considering he’s a veteran and should have known better in a situation that could have been avoided. Hopefully he’ll be okay but if he requires surgery down the road or no longer becomes an effective starting option, there is no telling what will happen to the Jets this season.