2015 NFL Draft Rounds 2-3: Television Schedule, Live Stream, Draft Order and More


It’s NFL draft day two.  After an exciting round one last night, hope and excitement is renewed tonight, as the teams head back to their war rooms for day two of the draft.  Rounds two and three are set to go tonight, three hours from right now.  More than 60 players will hear their names called, and start their NFL careers.  The draft is a big night for NFL fans, and football players all over the world.

Here is all the information you need to know about where to catch the draft, both on TV and online, tonight:


Tonight, as it was last night, you can catch Rich Eisen and his team covering the draft on the NFL Network.  Do not look for it on ESPN, however, as it will be on ESPN 2.  If you want to hear commentary from Jon “Spider 2 Y Banana” Gruden and company, get your draft fix with ESPN 2.

The second round will begin at 7 PM EDT.  The NFL Network goes away from the draft at 11 PM, while the ESPN 2 broadcast will stick around until 11:30 PM.


As always, you can watch a live stream right on your computer at NFL.com.  From there, watch the NFL Network broadcast live, or if you are not in position to use sound, watch the draft, pick by pick, via the “Draft Tracker”.

On your mobile devices, keep up on the festivities via the “Watch ESPN” app, or the “NFL Mobile” app.


For everyone scoring at home, here is the order for the two rounds tonight:

Round 2

Pick (overall)1 (33). Tennessee Titans2 (34). Tampa Bay Buccaneers3 (35). Oakland Raiders4 (36). Jacksonville Jaguars5 (37). New York Jets6 (38). Washington Redskins7 (39). Chicago Bears8 (40). New York Giants9 (41). St. Louis Rams10 (42). Atlanta Falcons11 (43). Cleveland Browns12 (44). New Orleans Saints13 (45). Minnesota Vikings14 (46). San Francisco 49ers15 (47). Miami Dolphins16 (48). San Diego Chargers17 (49). Kansas City Chiefs18 (50). Buffalo Bills19 (51). Houston Texans20 (52). Philadelphia Eagles21 (53). Cincinnati Bengals22 (54). Detroit Lions23 (55). Arizona Cardinals24 (56). Pittsburgh Steelers25 (57). Carolina Panthers26 (58). Baltimore Ravens27 (59). Denver Broncos28 (60). Dallas Cowboys29 (61). Indianapolis Colts30 (62). Green Bay Packers31 (63). Seattle Seahawks32 (64). New England Patriots

Round 3

Pick (overall)1 (65). Tampa Bay Buccaneers2 (66). Tennessee Titans3 (67). Jacksonville Jaguars4 (68). Oakland Raiders5 (69). Washington Redskins6 (70). New York Jets7 (71). Chicago Bears8 (72). St. Louis Rams9 (73). Atlanta Falcons10 (74). New York Giants11 (75). New Orleans Saints12 (76). Minnesota Vikings13 (77). Cleveland Browns14 (78). New Orleans Saints (from Miami Dolphins)15 (79). San Francisco 49ers16 (80). Kansas City Chiefs17 (81). Buffalo Bills18 (82). Houston Texans19 (83). San Diego Chargers20 (84). Philadelphia Eagles21 (85). Cincinnati Bengals22 (86). Arizona Cardinals23 (87). Pittsburgh Steelers24 (88). Detroit Lions25 (89). Carolina Panthers26 (90). Baltimore Ravens27 (91). Dallas Cowboys28 (92). Denver Broncos29 (93). Indianapolis Colts30 (94). Green Bay Packers31 (95). Seattle Seahawks32 (96). New England Patriots33 (97). New England Patriots (compensatory selection)34 (98). Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory selection)35 (99). Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory selection)

Look for the New York Jets to go offensive line tonight, with guys like A.J. Cann on the board.  If they are going to go quarterback, look for it to happen tonight, with a guy like Garrett Grayson or Brett Hundley.  Personally, I am a fan of Sean Mannion, but I haven’t heard much from the Jets there.

It’s a deep wide receiver class as well, could the Jets look at Dorial Green-Beckham?  Possibly.  We will find out soon.

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