Inside the Mornhinweg Playbook: Chris Ivory Off Tackle for 52: Week 9


Nov 3, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets running back

Chris Ivory

(33) scores a touchdown past New Orleans Saints outside linebacker

David Hawthorne

(57) in the first half during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Sunday morning, and we are still without football for a while longer. So, let’s continue our journey “Inside the Mornhinweg Playbook”. If you haven’t seen the series yet, each week, we have been taking a look at an effective offensive play from 2013, and breaking it down. What did it look like? How did they execute?

The basic reasons why we want to see the play again in 2014.

This week we take a play from the week nine upset of the New Orleans Saints. Chris Ivory is in the spotlight on this one, as it is an off-tackle run for him. This play took place early in the second quarter, in the shadow of the Jets endzone.

Let’s get started by looking at the formation:

The Jets are lined up in the “I” formation, Tommy Bohanon is behind Geno Smith, with Chris Ivory behind him. Chris Ivory is circled, as is the defender that will be key in this play, #50, Curtis Lofton. Look at the pre-snap formation and I will illustrate further.

It seems, on its face, like a simple off right tackle run to Chris Ivory. But, it is more than that. Remember all of the time that I have written that Chris Ivory runs like he is mad at the grass? Well, watch how he takes on Curtis Lofton as we move forward.

Tommy Bohanon is circled on the left, making an excellent block at the point of attack.  In the right circle, Curtis Lofton has penetrated, and nearly beaten his man.  There are two options for Chris Ivory here.  He could follow the line to our right with the question mark.  The move seems prudent, as both offensive linemen have gained the advantage.  Or, he could cut right in behind Bohanon, and hope that he beats Curtis Lofton.  What does Chris Ivory decide to do?

Instead of making a cutback, Chris Ivory takes it right behind Bohanon in true physical style, which Chris Ivory is as good at as anyone. Lofton is there to meet him but what happens? Chris Ivory runs right through the arms of Curtis Lofton.

Chris Ivory makes Lofton miss, and he is off to the races. From the shadows of his own endzone, Chris Ivory heads up the field on his angry gallop for 52 yards and another Jets’….FIRST DOWN!

There is no way not to love the way Chris Ivory runs when he is healthy. He doesn’t even follow his blocker, and still runs right through for a huge gain.

I’m on board for a heck of a lot more of Chris Ivory in 2014, how about you guys?