Woody Johnson Reveals Strategy in Discussion with the Media


Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Jets owner


y Johnson attends the press conference for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at Rose Theater in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Anybody that has been reading my posts for any extended period of time knows that I get irritated when Woody Johnson takes to the microphone. That is because typically, he spends more time with his foot in his mouth. From the time he talked about Mitt Romney being more important than the team, right up until this weekend, this is what Woody repeated has done. Heck, his admissions this past weekend could lead the Jets into a tampering charge.

Woody is lucky that he is friends with Jeffrey Lurie or the Jets could lose a draft pick.

However, if you look past the fact that he made comments all, and listen to the comments that he made, they are very interesting. This time, Woody Johnson has given us a unique look inside his head, and inside the Jets’ war room, one that John Idzik probably doesn’t want the world to see.

Here is Woody on the Jets’ interest in DeSean Jackson:

“We’re looking at a number of players, including DeSean. He’s a very good player and we’re looking at a number of them,” Johnson said. “Trade’s not our primary operating motif right now. We’re trying to go through the draft. Going through the draft is way to build a successful team long term.”

“We’re always interested in talent,” Johnson said. “If it’s somebody that fits into our locker room and understands how to fit into our culture and has a price that we can afford is appropriate.”

First, we have the mentioning of Jackson by name, which could get the Jets into hot water if the Eagles make a stink about it. Like I said, Woody is friends with the owner of the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie, so it likely won’t be a big deal, but still, not the best move.

Second was the interesting part. His comments indicate that his contract might be too high, and that they have concerns about his behavior. He mentioned someone that “fits into our locker room” and has a “price that we can afford”. These comments might be construed by the Eagles as a reason not to have serious discussions about the guy. Why talk to the Jets if they aren’t serious about acquiring Jackson?

It’s just strategy that is fun for us to hear, but might be better off left behind closed doors.

Then, we had the comments about winning. For anyone who missed them, here they are:

“I’m not going to use the word ‘patient’ anymore,” Johnson told reporters. “We want to do it now.”

Clearly, Woody isn’t being patient anymore, which is what he has preached in the past. He wants to win.

What does that mean to Rex? Does that mean he is out if the team misses the playoffs again? It sure sounds like the possibility is greater than it used to be.

Woody probably shouldn’t be talking in detail about the team at this point. It’s not worth the ink. But, when he does, he gives us an insight into the Jets’ thinking which we hardly ever get.

Good? Not sure, but definitely interesting.