New York Jets 2014 Mock Draft


Here’s my first and only Jets Mock Draft of the Draft Season. This Mock Draft is not what I want the Jets to do, but more of what I think they will do based on absolutely nothing at all.  John Idzik is on record stating that he’ll use the best player available method when drafting players so it’s impossible to put out an accurate mock for this team or any team utilizing that method but I’ll do it anyway.  Since it’s impossible to figure out the BPA for a million reasons, I’ll just utilize the “logical” method instead.  This mock is the “Make The Jets a Better Team” mock, utilizing both the “need” and “BPA” methods.  Enjoy……

1 ( 18) Brandin Cooks, WR Oklahoma State 

Jets could certainly use a WR like Brandin Cooks who has the ability to open things up on the offense.

– Not really hard to explain or justify this one.  All “experts” and Jets fan agree alike that the Jets must come out of this draft with a playmaking WR, they just disagree on who this WR should be.  I’m a huge Odell Beckham, but I think Cooks abilities are just too enticing to pass up for the Jets, who has lacked a WR with his skill set for Santana Moss 10 years ago.  Cooks is very explosive and has insane production on the collegiate level.  He attacks the ball at its highest point and has excellent YAC abilities. He should be an instant day one contributor, and should essentially have no problems showing why the Jets made them their 1st pick in this draft.

2 ( 49) Gabe Jackson, OG Mississippi State

–  Jets had serious protection issues last season and the majority of the issues came by way of now second year OG Brian Winters.  The Jets can add as many play-making pieces to this offense until they turn blue in the face, but if they don’t get this offensive line tightened up then it’s all in vain.  In the spirit of competition, I don’t think the Jets should mess around with this after already losing OT Austin Howard.  They should add legit competition to the Guard position so Geno protection can get much better than it was consistently last season.  Geno undoubtedly had his issues last season, but when he had time to throw he showed a lot of promise, accuracy, arm strength on his passes.  Jackson is not only legit competition, but he’s a great prospect that can keep Winters planted on the bench if he’s having a hard time improving on his mistakes and shortcomings from last season.

3  (69) C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE Iowa

–  At 6’6″ 265 former Iowa star TE C.J. Fiedorowicz is not only a cool selection for the Jets, but a necessity.  Jets resigned TE Jeff Cumberland but adding a prospect like Fiedorowicz would probably get offensive coordinator Marty Morninweg into using more two TE sets.  Fiedorowicz  utilizes good balance and control to be as big as he is.  Has stature and enough speed to threaten the seam, while utilizing his frame and physicality to create subtle separation.   Fiedorowicz makes athletic hands catches off his frame, while consistently showing toughness and concentration in traffic, something the Jets and a struggling second year QB in Geno Smith can certainly use to help progress this offense forward.

4  (100)   Adrian Hubbard,  LB Alabama

– Fresh legs at the OLB position is what the Dr ordered, thing is, the Dr gave that order four years ago and Rex and the Jets have been defiant.  At 6’6″ 257 former Alabama LB Adrian Hubbard is perfect for the OLB position for the Jets.  He clocked in at 4.6 in the 40 at the combine but plays much faster than that.   He has a long reach that will make it somewhat easier for him to bring down targets.  Hubbard is a bit of a raw prospect as he isn’t great in any one particular area but is good/solid in all areas.  Hubbard won’t be asked to do the same things he did at Alabama, at least not right away.  He’ll be asked to simply go get the QB and behind the Jets D-line, combined with the fact that he’s already a disciplined athlete coming out of Saban’s system, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Jets select and allow him opportunities right away.  I’m not that big a fan of Hubbard, but in the 4th, a player with his attributes and intangibles may be too much for Idzik and Rex to pass up.

4   (111)   Josh Huff, WR Oregon

–  Oregon’s WR Josh Huff is a talented WR that would sit comfortably in the slot and I can imagine Marty Morninweg finding creative ways to utilize within the offense.

5 (142)  Isaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama State

– The Jets need weapons on offense no matter where and State’s Crowell is an insanely talented RB but comes with some character concerns.  He’s worth taking chance on this late in the draft and would certainly add another dynamic to the Jets running game that would certainly affect the entire offense.

6 (179) Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech

– Jets need to come out of this draft with at least one of the QB prospects, so why not grab the one that has tremendous attributes, intangibles and upside but that struggled mightily this year and see if he can develop into something special.

No matter how you feel about Logan Thomas, he’s an absolute steal in the late rounds.

7 (210) Aaron Colvin, CB Oklahoma

– A very physical CB that loves contact but slips down this far because of the injury Sugar Bowl weekend.  I love Colvin’s abilities and if healthy he’s  probably a 2nd or 3rd rounder, but like DE Tank Carradine and RB Marcus Lattimore last season, the injury drops him a bit but that team that takes a chance on him and add him to their DB depth won’t regret it.