Should the Jets Go Back to Darrelle Revis?


Sep 8, 2013; East Rutherford, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback

Darrelle Revis

(24) hugs New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan before the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

You know that relationship that ends badly, but you end up together again, because you realize you can’t get enough of each other, despite the ugliness at the end?

Well, take a look at the picture to the right. These two were obviously caught up in a relationship like the one we just described. Despite everything, Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis have affection for one another. And a reunion is possible.

If you followed the action yesterday, you know the Jets lost out on Alterraun Verner and Vontae Davis. Jairus Byrd is not going to be on a plane to Florham Park either. And, it is looking more and more like Darrelle is going to be released by the Tampa Bay Bucs. They have been looking for a trading partner to no avail. Unless someone comes out at the eleventh hour to make a deal, Revis will be available to be signed.

So, should the Jets “go there”? Should they make a serious attempt to bring back Darrelle Revis?

The answer is no. That my ruffle the feathers of some fans, and even some of my staff writers, but the answer is no.

The negatives far outweigh the positives.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There are some excellent reasons to bring him back. The Jets now have a gaping hole at cornerback with the subtraction of Antonio Cromartie. Missing out on Vontae Davis and Alterraun Verner going elsewhere only adds to the Jets’ needs at the position.

There is no reason to go look at any video on Darrelle Revis while he was a member of the Jets, nor do we need to look at his statistics. We all know how he performed on the football field. When healthy, he dominated every wide receiver he went up against. Well, all of them except Stevie Johnson. That guy always had Darrelle’s number for some reason.

You know what I mean. Darrelle is a dominant force. He knows how to play the position, and could be the perfect mentor for Dee Milliner. What would be better for him than to learn from a legend? There are a lot of good reasons to bring him back.


We also know WHO Darrelle Revis is. We know it all too well, and THAT is why he cannot come back. There is no element of a “team guy” in Darrelle Revis. His contract holdouts are evidence enough. He will seem like a great guy when he signs his contract, if he gets paid enough. He has mentioned he doesn’t want a pay cut to sign.

Darrelle Revis will behave himself, look great at the press conference, and play well. But, the first chance he gets, he will make noise that he wants a new contract. He will disrupt the team, and make the move far from worth it.

Think about it. Did we hear about locker room issues last year? No. Why? Santonio Holmes was still there. Darrelle Revis was not.

Darrelle Revis gave us a lot of great memories, but please leave it at that. Don’t come back.