The JetPress Hall Of Fame Nominee: Wayne Chrebet


Always a fan favorite, Wayne Chrebet

Unfortunately for myself, I vaguely remember watching Wayne Chrebet play simply because he was at the end of his career when I was old enough to start really getting into football. Every Sunday in my house, I would remember by Dad and Uncle talking about Wayne Chrebet. Not one word they said was negative, and every adjective they used to describe Wayne was positive. The most common word used to describe Chrebet was ” tough” . After watching some tape on him, I cannot help but agree. While Chrebet did not have the best numbers as a Jet, few players left more of an impact on the organization, which is why number #80 deserves to be in the JetPress Hall Of Fame.

Coming out of small Hofstra University in 1995, Chrebet was not drafted in the 1995 NFL Draft. After a few days, Chrebet was given a walk on opportunity with the New York Jets, and the rest was history for fan favorite Chrebet. Throughout his career, it seemed that Chrebet was always the underdog. He was an undersized receiver, coming in at just 5’10 and 180 pounds. Although Chrebet made the Jets team in 1995, he was the last guy on the depth chart at the wide receiver position. But just as he did throughout his entire career, he persevered. As his career would continue to go on, Chrebet started to gain more and more respect throughout the league. In the 2000 season, Chrebet and teammate Keyshawn Johnson were considered one of the best duos of receivers in the entire NFL.

Chrebet earned the nickname ” Mr. Third Down” for his knack of seeming to make the big catch on third down to move the chains for the New York Jets. As I mentioned earlier, the one key adjective to describe Chrebet was tough. It seemed that every week, he was going across the middle to make a catch, and would not be afraid to put his body on the line to make a first down or simply try to get a few extra yards. Chrebet would suffer many concussions throughout his career due to his dare devilish style of play. But that style of play is the only way Wayne knew how top play. His constant ability to play at 110% made him a fan favorite throughout his entire career.

Throughout his career as a Jet, Chrebet won many awards for his play. Some of his honors were ” Jet of the Year ( 1995), Most Inspirational Player ( 1996), Unsung Hero ( 1997), and the Ed Block Courage Award in 2005. Chrebet was one of the most respected Jets in team history.

Chrebet finished his career with 580 receptions, 7365 yards, and 41 touchdowns with an average yards per catch coming in at an impressive 12.7. While those statistics may not be hall of fame numbers, but for what Chrebet brought to the Jets, and for all he gave to the fans, his style of play definitely make him worthy of being in the JetPress Hall Of Fame. After a career of being the underdog and being looked over, Chrebet is not being looked over in terms of the JetPress Hall of Fame.