The Jet Press Hall of Fame Nominee: Kevin Mawae


Our third candidate for enshrinement for the Jet Press Hall of Fame is presented by news desk writer, Edwin Camacho.

Kevin Mawae will be my candidate for The Jet Press Hall of Fame. He was a staple on several New York Jets offenses where Curtis Martin put up some huge numbers. In this wonderful game we hold dear to our heart, there are certain positions which get overlooked because they aren’t making flashy plays, or their impact doesn’t seem as significant because the numbers do not show up on a stat sheet. The linemen on both sides of the ball fit this description. Game in and game out the line on both sides of the ball set the tone of the game. In Mawae’s first year with the Jets, the offensive had the 4th ranked rushing offense in the NFL. These holes surely did not open themselves; the O- line had to plow over these defensive linemen to clear that space. In order for Vinny Testaverde or Chad Pennington to have the opportunity to stretch the field, they need time in the pocket, as well as the receivers needing time to get downfield. Again, this all starts upfront.

The former LSU Tiger broke through in the NFL starting out as a right guard. While at LSU, Mawae started games at a handful of positions on the offensive line. That is why it is no surprise, when Kevin made the switch from guard to center as a member of the Seahawks, he never left. The center is responsible for calling out the protections, and telling the other offensive linemen what their blocking responsibilities are. He is the quarterback of the offensive line, and Mawae did this as well as anyone in the game during his time in the league. Kevin Mawae was signed by the New York Jets in the 1998 season after four years on the Seattle Seahawks. All you have to do is look at the numbers/ awards Kevin earned and you will see his pedigree.

As a member of the New York Jets, Kevin Mawae was 6x All Pro Center as well as a 6x Pro Bowl selection. He is the winner of the Kyle Clifton Good Guy Award in 1998, his first year with the New York Jets. In 2005, he was the recipient of the Marty Lyons Award. Not only did he display great character off the field, Mawae was a warrior on the field.  He started every single game at center for the New York Jets from 1998-2004.  With the way the preseason is limited now, you do not see players show that kind of stability and durability.  Also, in his time on the Jets from 1998-2005, he fumbled only four snaps. Kevin Mawae is also a member of the NFL 2000’s All Decade Team, as well as the New York Jets All Time Four Decade team. It would be a CRIME if Kevin Mawae is not selected to The Jet Press Hall of Fame. Do the right thing and give credit to the man who was the foundation of some of the best Jets teams we have had in our lifetime.